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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling
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Feb 25, 12

it was amazing
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Read in January, 2000 , read count: Tons

I'm a Harry Potter fan. A rather hardcore one, back in the day. The Harry fans at the big meetup of 2007 (last book) ditched me for not being cool enough. Shows what they know.

I don't know if anyone on goodreads followed the intense Harry Potter fanbase core in the good old days. I wasn't on goodreads until after the last book came out. Goblet of Fire was the last Harry Potter book before all of the bitching naysayers. It was never as much fun after that, either to discuss theories or pick apart clues. It was also the book that started the "I hate Ron!" club (the Draco Malfoy is a conflicted hero idea started around the Chamber of Secrets film. Hey, I could be a Harry Potter scholar). It was pretty much like looking up any movie on the imdb or a tv show on Television Without Pity. No one hates something more than an obsessive fan, right? Fanfic writers who actually preferred their interpretations more than the original source (crazy!). The fanbase could be deterimental to nuturing ones own "ohmigod I'm going to die without the next book" that I so desperately needed. Harry Potter was my "something to look forward to". I haven't found anything else to take its place. I've not tried to hang around the fringes of a big fan base again, either. (My random goodreads tastes probably don't count. I have no idea what the big thing is. I liked The Hunger Games for the cozy district twelve parts and didn't give a rationed fig for love triangles or political outcome. I'm a loner bookworm freak!) Almost as bad were all of the people who felt some pressing need to inform me that they were too cool to even try to read Harry Potter, as if it made one bit of difference to me. [I suspect that I was expected to backtrack. You know, the way a person will immediately downplay how much they liked or disliked something based on what someone else says about it.] I was going to read it with or without them. They were not beating me by being too cool for school (especially if that school is Hogwarts!). Why were they too cool for Harry after Goblet of Fire? The fans, I mean.

I don't remember an awful lot about plot points (I'm older now and my memory wasn't that good to begin with). There is some overlap between books, for sure. I do remember savoring the details and not because it would help me figure out was going to happen. I WANTED surprises. Harry disliking Ron for the bit of skin showing between his ankles and his pajama ends? That would totally have swayed me to be unwilling to hear an apology and nurse the annoyance another few days. I loved it when the whole school hated Harry (which is about all of the time). I loved how he didn't study and had to work up to the last minute nerve for everything. Those kinds of details made it for me. I remember the wait between the books and being excited to find out what Neville was up to over the summer (long live Neville Longbottom!). But no, the base was miffed 'cause they didn't get another Sirius Black who owned the motorbike that Hagrid used to escort Harry to Privet Drive appearing in Prisoner of Azkaban. If that's what you wanted the appeal of Harry Potter would be dead in the water with the giant squid after the last book. That's not me!

Oh yeah, so it was a huge turning point in the series. Voldemort rises again, the romance shit (Rowling's one big flaw, in my mind). They got longer and less tightly edited (we fans were greedy for closer release dates. They had no one but themselves to blame!). Maybe some details got piled on (I can't remember which book had the useless James Potter quidditch info. Half-blood?).

I think it was the Ron thing, anyway. D'oh. It has to be that. Maybe it was like season three of Buffy when Buffy goes to L.A. in the first episode and they still cut back to Sunnydale to show how the Scooby gang are faring without her. The new factors of the war is out there situation was like cutting into the Scooby dynamic. It's painful to go your own way and be all alone. It was like reaching the end half way through. Harry has to grow up, he has to defeat Lord Voldything and leave Hogwarts. And that's a sad feeling 'cause it means that I also have to leave Hogwarts. The bitching had to be about change. It still worked, it just worked in a different way. Change isn't popular.

There are faults in the series but I loved what I loved so much that I didn't care. I just want to be in Hogwarts. I could tease about what I didn't like and still loved what I loved. How to be a Harry Potter fan in the style of Mariel 101. I'm sure I'll be rewarded with my Hogwarts letter any day now.

D'oh! Of course! S.P.E.W. I remember now. (Society for Promotion of Elvish Welfare for the non-nerds. Oh wait, those people will not be reading this.) All the dumbfucks argued that the house elves wanted to be enslaved and that the point of the series was that Hermione was representing America rushing in to save oppressed civilizations when they shouldn't have been involved. (Dudes, they were probably the ones they needed saving from.) Uggggggh. So children should have always slaved away in factories because that was their only wages? Because they saw the film Newsies and Christian Bale looked like he was having a lot of fun? Killing Mudbloods is bad ("Sure, I don't want to kill kids but wars in the middle east are still a great idea!") but reading about equality for all is less interesting if it changes the bottom line? I probably started resenting the fanbase a whole lot right around that time. Rowling could have made the point less hammer-head like (via Hermione). The films succeeded in that quite well. But still! It is like being in the wizarding world itself to have read that kind of crap. Bigots everywhere. Poor Dobby! Sobs. (Winky was fucking annoying, though.)

I also didn't mention the "Harry is a Death Eater" people. I wonder where they are right now. Probably in a dark corner of the internet somewhere, writing about the "truth" of the Harry Potter series. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. Harry is all that is good and pure in this world!

P.s. I always skipped Quidditch scenes. The Triwizard scenes were kinda Quidditch-y to me. For that reason Goblet is my least favorite of the series. And I hated reading about Ron not liking Harry. But still! I remember when I got Goblet of Fire. I had to go to work and stop reading it. I didn't think about anything else but what was going to happen next in this book. Every other day was I numb with wanting to be anywhere else. That day I was happy to be in my own head. Goblet of Fire is a great book by my own definition because of that.
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Manny This is totally not my take on Harry Potter, but what a great piece of writing!

Mariel Thanks Manny! I see your complaints, tho. To me it's fun bad stuff.

Manny Well, everyone has their own taste in fun bad stuff :)

Yoana For most of this review it's like you were reporting my history with Harry Potter. I only differ in the romance stuff (which was hilarious) and Neville (who was boring).

I especially loved the SPEW bit and have spent many hours arguing in favour of Hermione in cosforums. I was dumbfounded that so many people were defending slavery with cultural relativism.

Claire I not a big fan of harry potter. but you could say i like to read the books and watch the movies though.

Steven I am just floored you brought up a Buffy reference. That made my inner fangirl squee and cheer and dance around. Which of course caused outer showing of emotion... at work... embarrassing! :)

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A.D. Erving What you wrote is very interesting

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Mohammad1 vb

Claire Umm...

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