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The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien
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Oct 25, 10

Recommended to Mariel by: my mother
Recommended for: over the hills and far away

I wrote a book report on The Hobbit when I was fourteen. My teacher made fun of me, slipping in not-so-sly jokes for the rest of the year. Jerk face! The Hobbit is awesome, I tells you!

I have more than enough fond memories of this book (and some not so fond ones, involving other snobby male teachers besides the above mentioned one). I could make new fond memories if I were to pick it up and reread today, I have no doubt. That makes it an always favorite and not just a nostalgia favorite.

My mom bought me a nice The Lord of the Rings set, as well as The Hobbit. My older sister had no interest in LOTR and so got the entire works of John Jakes (foolish girl!). She also bought for me all of the Led Zeppelin albums (I loved her stories of listening to them at the same time as reading and sitting up and going "oooh!" when she'd realize there were connections). This never happened. I didn't get handed free books and music unless it was something, like jazz, that my grandfather wanted to pass down his tastes in (didn't work. I hate jazz). Yeah, my mom was doing the exact same thing, but it was the time our tastes matched up. She'd go back to not caring about anything, and I'd still have the LOTR thing (these days she doesn't remember anything about the books, and that depresses me). [A few years ago I was rereading The Fellowship of the Ring and was geared up for a total trilogy reread when I discovered that my copies of The Two Towers and The Return of the King were missing. Turned out my sister's boyfriend had stolen them. He would later leave one on the doorstep, years later, but only one of them. It bugs me that I have the two nice copies my mom bought me and a movie cover of The Two Towers. Memories really don't get to last forever.]

Hey, Mariel, strolls down memory lane? There's a pebble in my shoe! Sorry!
I love adventure stories. I love fighting for what you believe in stories. The kinds where the stakes are real, and things matter. I love the word play and the language and the humor. And it was unbelievably comforting (still is) to have Gandalf about. Not 'cause it's all figured out, but because he's trying to. This book just flat out appeals to me. I don't blame the diehards 'cause I'd want to live in it too. My memory might balk at retaining the details, but I'd never forget how it made me feel (unless my mother had said that when she was a fifteen year old LOTR fan). On the brink of good stuff, that's what.

Peter S. Beagle wrote the screenplay for The Lord of the Rings animated film. How random! That was so bad. Who did The Hobbit? (D'oh look it up, Mariel.) It was Romeo Muller (christmas movies were his bread and butter). My twin made me die of laughter singing "The Great Adventure" song. We also loved to do Art Garfunkel's "Bright eyes" from the animated Watership Down. If only all classics had bad animated films with over wrought songs! One of my party tricks (now invitations will pour in) is my "1970s cartoon walk". I was bitterly disappointed that my examples were either late '60s or 1980. It was probably started by the movie for The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (and Scooby-Doo 'cause that's THE 1970s cartoon walk show). Oh, and I can't forget The Phantom Tollbooth. Who needs the books when you can walk like an Egyptian?

I've noticed that The Hobbit is shelved in the young adults section. This leads me to believe that it isn't considered only a book for boys (as I was told by junior high school male teachers). Sadly, the ya section does seem predominately geared towards females (boys get their small display labeled "boy interest" and the sci-fi/fantasy section). I don't believe it would be put in ya at all if it weren't considered to be an everybody's book. Those teachers bugged me. I hated being picked on because I was actually reading (one of those same teachers told me I was illiterate just because I was born in Mississippi!). Why the need to draw lines? I'll stick in my tropical paper umbrella and claim them as all our fun.

The Beatles never got to do the LOTR film they wanted.
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Deirdre What an asshat teacher. My teacher introduced me to the book. He was wonderful. Don't judge him because I now use words like asshat, he's only human.

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