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The Age of Zeus by James Lovegrove
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Jul 23, 2014

it was amazing
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Read from April 01 to 07, 2010

I finished Age of Zeus by J. Lovegrove which is a very fast read despite its almost 700 page bulk; in the same thematic with Age of Ra but this time with the Olympians taking over humanity, Age of Zeus is quite different from Ra, though it is closer to what I expected Ra to be with a mixture of low-bro comedy (mythporn says it all with titles that are hilarious in a sick way so to speak, though there is no explicit language beyond those titles but those are quite explicit), monsters and urban combat with enhanced technology, while Ra turned out to be one of the most philosophical mil-sf novel I've read

The short summary - Olympians appear 10 years ago with all the monsters from the myths in tow as well as the powers from myths and enforce peace on humanity at some cost like obliterating some cities to make a point, defeating and destroying any army sent against them...

12 experienced (army and police) scarred veterans are chosen by a rich industrialist and offered the chance to strike back using special armor that gave them powers on the Olympians scale - lower but on the same level so the attempt to overthrow the Gods has a shot; of course all take Titan names and they start by hunting the monsters (hydra, lamia, typhon, cyclops, minotaur...)

Police Detective hotshot Samantha Akerhurst aka Sam emerges as the de facto leader - though the cast is multi-ethnic, multi-racial, multi-cultural and as pc as it gets - and of course the rich industrialist in cause has his own secrets

The Olympians steal the show with their hi-jinks and there are a lot of "current issues" jokes, jibes and fun poked at politicians, media personalities... that are sort of recognizable at least in type if not in actual persona

While lacking the deep and mysterious part of Ra (this one has explanations which Ra does not and I thought it better that way), Age of Zeus is fun in a campy way and better than I expected; a strong A from me
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