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Petals on the Wind by V.C. Andrews
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Apr 01, 2010

it was ok

I read the VC Andrews Flower in The Attic series as a young teenager. After reading the other reviews I was struck by the fact that so many people had commented that they weren’t allowed to read these books or had to hide them from their parents and/or teachers.

I don’t remember my mother ever having a problem with me reading these books, in fact, I’m sure she must have purchased them for me. As long as I was reading, she was fine with it. I don’t however remember them being quite as scandalous as people are making them out to be. There were certainly some plot twists and turns, and some scandal – but that’s what makes them a good / cheap thrill read. Maybe if I’d had to hide them I would have thought they were far more scandalous.

Here’s what I remember – Flowers in the Attic was far and away the strongest book in the series, but the fact that the story continued into other books was appealing. I was curious to find out what happened to Chris and Cathy and the evil grandmother. The “creep” factor is what kept the pages turning – the number of times Cathy is raped, the incest, the arsenic poisoning, the escape, etc.

Maybe they are really scandalous and I’ve just been tainted by real life for the past decade or so. Back then, you just didn’t hear about kids bringing guns to school or murdering their parents. Back then Michael Jackson wasn’t a child molester, the twin towers were still standing and Bin Laden wasn’t a household name. When I consider it like this I think perhaps now would be the time to reread them, and get lost in the escapism that they offer.

But there’s another part of me that thinks rereading them now would be a big mistake. It doesn’t sound like the writing is all that great – what with overly descriptive paragraphs, and the piles of long flowing golden hair and all. I’m afraid that I’d end up hating them and I’d like to keep VC Andrews as one of my not-so-guilty childhood pleasures. So I’m basing my ratings on what I thought of them back in the early 90’s, as an impressionable tween, who’s biggest ‘real world’ problem was getting out of washing the dishes, or passing a math test.

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