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Fleshmarket by Nicola Morgan
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May 24, 10

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Almost two hundred years ago, in 1822 surgeons in Edinburgh were begining to perform operations to remove major tumours from their patients. But there were a couple of things that the surgeons did not know about yet. The first thing was anaesthetic. All the operations were performed on patients fully awake and conscious. The second thing was in order to prevent infection operations should be perfomed in only sterile atmoshperes.Dr Robert Knox, the surgeon, operates on Robbie's mother, in these conditions, at the beginning of this story, but she dies five days later from an infection. Robbie and his family are broken. And so Robbie's father ends up abandoning his two children Robbie and Essie.Fourteen year old Robbie and his little sister, Essie, survive the only few ways that they know how they can. It is a desperate time which everything is made worse for Robbie to forgive the surgeon and stop blaming him for killing his mother, his family, and his life.This book is a good book, its not a favorite but it,s definitley interesting.Its filled with the sadness of people in poverty during the nineteenth century in the town of Edinburgh.

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message 2: by Teacherhuman (new)

Teacherhuman 1. How does revenge function in the human soul?
2. What are the ramifications of vigilantism in a society?
3. What are the personal ramifications of having to do something you find repulsive to survive?

message 1: by Ieshia (last edited May 23, 2010 07:41PM) (new) - added it

Ieshia Sharp 1.Revenge functions as an important part of human life, even though it is'nt. Some people act as if they feed off of revenge, like they have to do it, like they need it in order to live. For example revenge to some people is as simple as saying "thank you", something that is like an instant reaction.
2.Some ramifications are when people of any sort of power of authority try to take the law or rules into their own hands and attempt to effect justice in a society all according to their own understanding of what's right and wrong.
3.Peer pressure and bad influences are some ramifications that i find repulsive to survive. If we base our lives on giving into peer pressure and bad iflunces, then we will eventually not have a mind of our own. We wont survive if we dont repel against the ramifications.

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