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The Sweet Far Thing by Libba Bray
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Mar 30, 2010

liked it

Through the first half of this book I just wanted to throw it and scream in frustration. Gemma learned a lot in the end of the second book and then forgot all of it!Another thing that I almost couldn't look past was that her "friendship" with Ann and Felicity never seemed to grow. They were always selfish brats who didn't really care what Gemma was going through as long as they got to go to the realms.They came through in the end- as always- but why? they weren't there for Gemma through anything until the end... it didn't make sense.
Once I got through all the relapse to the part where she started making progress again things were good. I had a feeling she wouldn't end up with Kartik, I thought they wouldn't be able to walk in each others dreams or something like that but Kartik turning into the tree of all souls in the end really left me feeling haunted! So, does that mean he will someday be corrupted and Gemma will have to go back and destroy him?
I loved the feeling of growth in the end. Gemma had been through a lot and would never be able to fit into the corset society wanted her in. I liked that she went to America to find her own way. It just seemed that she had really taken some steps in life and was becoming a woman. I want another book.

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