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CrazyBusy by Edward M. Hallowell
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Mar 29, 10

Read in June, 2007

Ever wonder how you get through the day in the modern high-tech communications world in which we live? If Blackberrys, PDAs, voice mail, text messaging, e-mails, longer workdays and information overflow are making you crazy, Dr. Hallowell has some news for you. (like, for starters, you're not alone.) This Massachusetts author and ADD psychiatrist, begins by taking you through a rather extensive, yet easy-to-read, analysis of the current trends that have foisted themselves on society through technological advances (?) and the societal impact of change in our increasingly fast-paced world. By exploring both the macro view and the micro implications, Hallowell makes the reader stop in his tracks to observe the effects of modern life that are washing over us, often times without us even having the time to stop and consider their ever-increasing impact. He uses his self-coined term, Gemmelsmerch, to describe the kinds of distractions that attack us against our will (the sound of a jackhammer, IRS audits, angry rants on the radio, nearly everything on TV) and deplete our resources for deep thought and the appreciation of the human experience. The second half of the book offers a variety of recommendations to help the reader work through the cluttered life of the 21st century in ways that focus on what's important in life, as opposed to what is unwittingly coming at us, someone else's agenda or somehow merely categorized as urgent. As much of an observation of society (based on clinical experience) as it is a self-help book, "Crazy Busy" is a must for anyone who has become the victim of the modern busy society, yet wants to turn it's inevitable by-products into assets.

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