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Lovecraft Unbound by Ellen Datlow
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Mar 29, 2010

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message 1: by Terence (new) - added it

Terence I noticed one of the stories you particularly liked was by Caitlin Kiernan.

You might be interested in her other books as well - I'd start with Alabaster, which is a collection of short stories.

Zach I'll definitely do that, Terence. Thanks for the heads up.

Jeannie Sloan I hate to say it but half way through this book put it aside for a while because I was bored with it.I will finish it but I will probably just read a story here and there and try to get through it.Thanks for a really great review,though.

Henrik Thanks for the review, Zach. I disagree that the title is off, though. I think it's pretty good--since there is a distinction between something being Cthulhu Mythos (monster namedropping, dread books, Arkham County etc.) and something being Lovecraftian (focus on a certain kind of creepiness, atmosphere, cosmicism). And this one tries to focus mainly on the latter.

Zach Jeannie - thanks for the kind words.

Henrik - yeah, I should have made it clearer that I understood that this was supposed to be a volume of stories inspired by Lovecraft's atmosphere more than specific pastiches. I just still think it largely fell short of that goal.

I actually meant to mention that a large part of what I thought was missing was what you call "cosmicism" - very few of these entries evoked any kind of cosmic or universal apocalypticism like HPL often did, focusing instead on the individual or more localized terrors. Very rarely in here did I get a sense that all of humanity is doomed.

Louise Hi there - your review of each story was very useful to me. I basically stuck with those you recommended, and only momentarily forayed into a few of the others. BTW, I definitely recommend more by Brian Evenson. His Last Days has certain superficial similarities with "In the Black Mill" - you'll see what I mean if/when you read it.

Zach Louise - glad I could help. Evenson has definitely risen to the top of the list of authors I should check out, and hopefully I'll get around to doing that some time soon.

Steve I can see what Jeannie means. I put LU aside for a while due to a dull stretch. For the most part I agree with Zach's breakdown of the stories. So far Kiernan's story is best, with Phillip's running a close second. Those two are keepers. (And I'm taking note of Terence's recommendation regarding Alabaster.)I actually didn't like Laidlaw's story (kind of boring) -- and I wanted to(given the setting, etc.) Chabon's entry is also solid, and I liked Evenson as well. The first story was also really good. I wonder if this anthology would of been better at 200 pages or so? I have no idea why "One Day Soon" was in this anthology.

Zach terence neglected to mention that alabaster is out of print and impossible to find!

Jeannie Sloan I found Alabaster for $40 at Amazon-
I read the book which I got at my library so that may be a way to get it without shelling out all that cash.I liked it.I didn't love it because her writing style can get on my nerves when I read too much of her at once but it was a solid book and I was glad that I read it.I also read The Red Tree which I thought was good but that book may be more attractive to women or men who are interested in how women think.It tended to drag a little in the middle too but I kept reading it and came away with a positive review of it.

message 11: by Zach (new) - rated it 3 stars

Zach that's still a little rich for my blood!

I still plan on checking out one of her collections sooner or later though.

Jeannie Sloan I don't blame you.Do check out the library though.I am Jonesing for the book called Borderlands 5 by Monteleone but it is like $45 so forget it for right now.I am also waiting for her new book of short stories to be published next month.
Happy reading Zach!

Steve When it comes to these hard to find classics, I've been using interlibrary loan lately. For example, Karl Edward Wagner's In a Lonely Place. Very expensive if you can find a copy. Cost me a couple of buck in postage. And it was a really good collection. Jeannie, I have Borderlands 5 -- but it's titled From the Borderlands (it says on the back it was previously titled Borderlands 5). Maybe you can find it cheaper under that title. I just picked it up last week at a used book store as part of a trade in.

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