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The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood
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Jul 10, 10

really liked it

I liked this book quite a bit, apparently, because it's hard to stop thinking about it.

I get that I wasn't supposed to have a good time reading about a patriarchal dystopian society, so I was prepared to slug it through to the end.

And, give her credit, it never felt like Atwood was lecturing or beating me over the head with her warning of a future where women are subjugated to secondary roles and valued only for their ovaries, where people are hanged on college campuses for even the smallest acts of disobedience, where truth and courage give way to real fears of reprisal.

Made me wonder as I trudged on whether this sort of bleak, faceless kind of future really is possible, but then I reminded myself that we've already been there ... with the sexually repressive ways of the original Puritans, with the dangerous fanaticism of cults and religious sects, with the Salem witch hunts, with the totalitarian, genocidic regime of some guy named Hitler.

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