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Nov 30, 10

(Review from the author)
Read in February, 2009

Zori is autobiographical novel by the author, the publication is divided into two parts due to the volume that has been steadily as it has developed.

In this first part, completed on 18 April 2009, the author recounts his life and events from his childhood to his youth, the experiences from which he took his first steps until he reaches the age of twenty.

It would be difficult to pigeonhole this book in a novel style or genre specific, because in narrating his life, the author combines very amusing anecdotes in a tone of humor in the toughest times and critics. Just as in real life, life is not plain sailing, the author shows an admirable ability to overcome adversity, one of the qualities that characterize it is a unique and capable of transmitting fireproof peace smile who is nearby and observes.

The value of this work is incalculable, but could tell what an author who narrates his own life, playing with the duality of the real world versus dream world?, Duality plays an important role in the course of the novel in its broader meaning, as real and imaginary, cold and heat, winter and summer, black and white, yin and yang, ones and zeros, and so on.

In line with technological advances, this book in eBook edition contains reproductions of music and video.
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Quotes Tiziano Liked

Tiziano di Carmen
“Jesus soon is coming,
and Christmas too,
Good reason for being happy,
Helping people to do.”
Tiziano di Carmen, Zori 1ª Parte

“Never marry who doesn't love you,
If you do it, your ordeal will turn into hell.”
Miguel Ángel Sáez Gutiérrez «Marino», Zori 1ª Parte

Tiziano di Carmen
“Give me freedom to think and I'll give you my life.”
Tiziano di Carmen, Zori 1ª Parte

Tiziano di Carmen
“Choose with whom to be accompanied it's your free choice, choose with whom not to be accompanied it's your right.”
Tiziano di Carmen, Zori 1ª Parte

Tiziano di Carmen
“¿Cuál es el mejor estado del mundo?:
Estar dos unidos.
Translation. This phrase means:
"What is the best state of the world?:
Being together. "
In this sentence, is a writer plays with the ambiguity of the Spanish language.
The word "state" has different meanings in Spanish, plays on the double meaning, first, marital status, second, the state of a nation.
The phrase "being two together" in Spanish "estar dos unidos," is very similar to the way in which the Spanish say USA.”
Tiziano di Carmen, Zori 1ª Parte
tags: humor

Tiziano di Carmen
“Intelligent people while impulsive, worth less than one stone on the path”
Tiziano di Carmen, Zori 1ª Parte

Tiziano di Carmen
“Sometimes animals are more human than men and men more animals than animals”
Tiziano di Carmen, Zori 1ª Parte

Tiziano di Carmen
“Sometimes the winner are the loser and the loser are the winner”
Tiziano di Carmen, Zori 1ª Parte

Tiziano di Carmen
“A great leader must always keep in mind the golden rule: respect for their subordinates.

Tribute to Noah Sealth.”
Tiziano di Carmen, Zori 1ª Parte

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Leticia Good afternoon!

I come from gossip on your personal website and I was pleasantly surprised ... I've been investigating through your books, I read the prologue and I started the first chapter of Zori and the truth is that I liked .... Return to continue reading ...

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