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Makers by Cory Doctorow
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Mar 24, 10

Read in March, 2010

This is a book full of BIG IDEAS - and if you're the type of geeky tech-obsessed person who loves BIG IDEAS about the future of tech, business, litigation, fitness, etc., you'll enjoy the truly speculative fiction element of this book. I enjoy that sort of stuff just fine, but I already read a million blogs and New Yorker articles about it, and when I read fiction I want to read FICTION. Doctorow is a terrible fiction writer; as much as I love his blog and his ideas (and he's an amazing person to see speak or have a conversation with), he cannot write characters to save his life, he fiats a lot of things (e.g. "I will invent something or other that will fix this problem my characters are involved with"), and he should stay away from anything erotically themed. He also can't write convincing female characters, and I find his obsession with Disney super fucking weird.

With that said, I couldn't put this book down for several days of hours of reading, and there were enough interesting ideas in it to muse over; but if you already read Boing Boing, you've heard most of them already. Also, the beginning of the book, which is based on an old short story, could have used some SERIOUS editing as it reads like it's based in 2003, not 2013, which is the problem with this sort of near-future speculation: e.g. why on earth were the characters concerned with the COST of PHONE CALLS?

I had the same complaint about little Brother: if you are super tech literate, most of this will be old-hat, and if you aren't, most of it will be over your head. I'll probably keep reading Doctorow's novels, but not for their riveting characterization or prose.
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