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Homeboyz by Alan Sitomer
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Mar 23, 10

Homeboys by Alan Lawrence Sitomer was a great book about "gang banging" in California. The streets were broken up into two gangs one called the Merks and the other 0-1-0's. These two gangs caused nothing but disrupt in the communities. But it was some of the kids dreams to get into one of these gangs. In particular a girl named Tina was so desperate to get into the Merks gang so did everything including get 'jumped' and being 'sexed in' where she had to have sex with every member in the gang. At age 14 she was shot and killed due to gang fights. Her brother also a Merk wanted revenge but got arrested for attempted suicide on one of 0-1-0 gang members. In this book I noticed the theme of bad influence from 'gang bangers' on young teen age kids.
For example, Tina grew up in the hood surrounded by all these gangs and alongside her brother who was a member in the gang. Tina being around this all her life had some influence on her to join a gang and take part in the bad violent activities associated with them. This led to her doing stupid things like fighting the opposing gang all by herself which got her killed.
I see and hear a lot of this in regular day life. Teenagers walking around with beads on their neck "reping" their gang. I see people throwing up gang signs and doing their hand shakes when seeing a crew member. And all these kids doing this is because they are influenced by other gangs and gang members. This bad influence is also being done by mostly grown ups. Adults are the ones taking these kids into the crew and showing them how to be a gang banger, making them the prodigy and the next leader in the group. This bad influence not only disrupts the teens minds and behavior but it also disrupts the communities that these kids live in as gangs grow and become more active.
In conclusion, this book was really good and showed a lot of themes with gangs, egos, revenge, rivalry, etc. However, the one i saw the most was bad influence that gangs have on young people. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes reading about gangs and the "streets", and books with lots of action and intensity.


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message 1: by Mr (new)

Mr Nguyen Sounds like an interesting book. I especially enjoyed reading your thoughts about the book's themes. Good review.

message 2: by Patricia (new)

Patricia The book is very interesting and flows easily however, this review has it's information distorted. Tina is a honor student who is innocently gunned down while she was buying ice cream from an ice cream truck. She was giving change for a $10 to a Merk member named Meeksha. Meeksha is the one who is "sexed in" and "beaten in" not Tina. Meeksha and Tina are both gunned down by another gang who frames the O-One-O's to incite a gang war between the Merks and the O-One-O's. The aim of Serpent Street's leader was to have these two gangs annihilate each other so he could gain territory. In the process Teddy learns that revenge his way was costly, and uses his wizardy to seek justice another way.

Ariana I'm sorry to informe you but you are wrong about you're review! Because it wasn't Tina who was in the gang, it was Meeksha. And Tina's brother wasn't in the merk gang either. He just wanted to get revenge for his sister. so next time you write a book review make shure that you get all the facts straight first k!

Simon Liu Erm Ariana, Tina was in the Merks soo u should get your facts straight as well

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