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So B. It by Sarah Weeks
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Mar 23, 10

So B. It by Sarah Weeks is a touching story. Heidi (the main character) was born into a world filled with love. Although, she faced many struggles with her mother’s mental disability, she has much patience to teach her many things. With the help of her caretaker (Bernadette) they managed to teach her how to open cans and almost accomplished teaching her how to tie her shoes. Although her mother is mentally challenged Heidi's love for her mother is like and eternal fire, which maintains illuminating a room’s darkness.
Heidi is a child filled with questions. She asks, but receives no answer. She is determined to find out more about her mother's past. Like what her real name was? And how did they get to where they are now. The only thing she does know is that she was found by her caretaker Bernadette at the front of their stoop on a rainy cold day.
During this journey to discover and learn more about her mother’s past Heidi travels across the nation to California and meet Roy, Ruby, and Elliot. When she meets her father (Elliot) he explains how the chances of having a normal baby with Sofia were very slim. He wasn’t aware of her pregnancy all because of a misunderstanding. Heidi always wondered what “Soof” meant and was on her list of “mama’s words”. In the end she had found out that her mothers name was Sofia. And all along she had always new her name.
The theme that I have noticed Heidi had done throughout this book was determination and acceptance. Heidi was determined to find out more about her mother’s mysterious past. She wondered if Heidi did have a grandmother and what was her name? She learned to accept that her mother was different from other adults; she knew that when you looked at her she did look normal but once she spoke she sounded like a little girl. She understood that although there are words that did have a certain meaning like the color blue or purple. Her mother had her own definition that could mean the same just like in any language. There are many words that mean the same thing like “Casa” in Spanish mean house in English.

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Mr Nguyen I enjoyed reading this review. Well written and organized. Good job.

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