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Mississippi Trial, 1955 by Chris Crowe
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Mar 21, 2010

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Silas Burgess IV 4/17/10
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Title: The Mississippi Trial, 1955
Author: Chris Crowe
This book is about a boy named Hiram Hollington who witnessed the tragic murder of Emmet Till. This book is a real life story that helped me understand the struggle that occurred in the civil rights movement. One day Hiram’s brother, R.C. and two other friends of his, threatened Emmet Till to not come to the store ever again. Then later he came back and walked up to a white girl and winked at her and then R.C and his friends killed him and dumped his body in the river. I think that back then life was not fair.
My favorite character is Hiram Hollington. He is my favorite character because when he saw a tragic murder he stepped up for what was right and reported it to the police. He also did something and went to the court to for something that was very wrong. He is my favorite character because he also doesn’t believe everything he hears. He is also a brave boy willing to do anything for anyone.
I think the climax is when Emmet Till winked at a white girl when he knew he wasn’t supposed to and the boys killed him. Another Climax is when Hiram was so close to his grandfather and later got into an argument and fought each other. Hiram beat him and left his hometown with his friend Naomi worrying about him. Another climax is when Hiram was in court because I thought he would be unwilling to do anything about it. Instead he took the situation to court and tried his best.
I think the author Chris Crowe wanted us to know all people are created equal. He wanted us to know that we must all live together as one community. He also wanted us to treat each other the way you want to be treated. He wants us to know how society was back then. Also how life isn’t always fair.
I would recommend it to a person that feels left out of this world. I would recommend it to a person that likes sad stories. I would send it to anyone that doesn’t know the story. So then people all over the world will understand history better. Then maybe the world will start to change piece by piece.
Rate: 10

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