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Vampire Kisses by Ellen Schreiber
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Apr 06, 10

it was ok
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Read on April 06, 2010

I can tell you this right now, if I hadn't have been listening to the audiobook this would have been a "did not finish".

It was tolerable up until Raven met Alexander, after that point I worried about my face because I was cringing so much I didn't want it to freeze that way! It was love at first sight badly done. What could Alexander possibly see in the very immature Raven who constantly showed herself up to be unintelligent, and without grace and decorum next to the very cultured and almost stoic Alexander. Her obsession with him and his supposed vampire-state was beyond irritating, she barely knew him and she was breaking into his home and touching his stuff, can I say stalker?

Alexander's only reason for liking her is the likelihood that she will accept him for who he is, which brings me to what he is. Malicious rumours about Alexander and his family are spread about town, the word is they're vampires (queue the spooky music). Hints about them being such are laid on thick but then the rumours are retracted and Raven is back to thinking old Alex is human after all, until the very end when he had no reflection! Then Alex all of a sudden up and disappears for Raven's sake, whatever that means. I felt nothing at this, I'd all ready decided this was basically crap. It sort of reminded me of those tongue-in-cheek teeny bopperish American TV shows for children like That's So Raven. (I swear that just popped in my head, no pun intended!)

None of the characters were properly developed, Raven's upbeat goth, rebellious and whiny attitude grated on my nerves. Just because I like reading vampire fiction doesn't mean I'm as obsessed with Dracula, old vampire movies and everything black as Raven is. She was waaay over the top. We don't see much of Alexander and know little-to-nothing about him except that he was home-schooled, his parents travel a lot and is most likely a vampire.

As for character progression Raven had one (and perhaps her only) serious thought at the end about not wanting to become a vampire so she wouldn't have to leave her family, Matt decided to stop being a doormat and well, Trevor loses all his power to dominate, bully and generally get whatever he wants. I secretly believe he was obsessed and possibly even a little bit in love with Raven, we all want what we can't have, right?

On the positive side, and there is a positive side (I know you wouldn't think so reading this), the writing despite the clichéd teen-lingo was actually pretty good, it was simple, engaging and free-flowing with a few very comedic (read "big grin") moments.

If you're going to read this book I highly recommend the audiobook, the narrator Devon Sorvari did an excellent job of making this "readable".
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