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Hidden Currents by Christine Feehan
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** spoiler alert ** Loved this one! I think I liked it more than Joley's and Hannah's books and those were my favorite. I've seen people complaining about how descriptive the torture to Elle was but I actually liked it. It allowed you to really know what she had to suffer through and to really see what kind of mindset she had afterwards. If Christine Feehan had just breezed through that part Elle's reactions and panic attacks would have felt overdone. You wouldn't have really felt what she went through. I also liked seeing Jackson's past as a prisoner and all the torture he had to suffer. It really let you see that he was the only one to really know what Elle was going through and knew how to help her just like she helped him all those years ago. It never ceases to amaze me the bond they all have, including the men. Not a single one of them hestitated when it came to the rescue. Neither did the friends they called upon to help. The wedding was spectacular and I loved how they all ended up married, not just Elle & Jackson. Was really glad to see how Ms. Feehan opened the doorway for her other series that's about the Prakenskii brothers. Seeing Ilya's brother swimming down and away was the perfect way to allow the next series start. It also made you believe Ilya also told him how to get out once he went down with the ship. He wasn't going to let his brother die. And knowing the next series takes place in Sea Haven also I hope we get to see more of the Drake sisters and their men. Would love to be able to see after the babies are born.

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