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Duty & Devotion by Tere Michaels
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Mar 25, 2010

really liked it
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I laughed and I teared up during the sequel that follows Matt and Evan into their new lives as lovers and partners. Overall it feels like a realistic look with a hopeful eye toward a future of uncertainty.

My problems however, started on page one. I read Faith and Fidelity back in late 2008, probably the same day the book came out. I admit it is one of my favorite all time m/m reads and I recommend it all the time. I did not re-read it prior to reading this sequel or prior to reading Love and Loyalty.

I started Duty and Devotion and was immediately confused. Why is Evan throwing away his t-shirt?

First Matt and Evan are in Evan's house, in his and Sherri's old room that Evan rearranged and then "Queens, New York, A few months later" they are in a new house and sharing a mortgage?

First they are talking about Evan's in-laws finding out and then "Queens, New York, A few months later" the in-laws know?

What did we miss in the those "A few months later" ????

I went back to F&F to see if the ending would jog my memory and sure enough. The first few pages are the exact ending of F&F which helped me understand why Evan was throwing away his t-shirt but did not help me bridge the gap from the end of F&F when they are in the Cerelli house to the big changes that come from choosing and purchasing a house together. We missed the big reveal to the in-laws about the new living arrangements, move, etc. I feel like we missed out on two very big changes that would have given us much more insight into the relationship and how Evan struggles with it. Not to mention how disappointed and scared Matt gets with regards to Evan's struggle.

If Evan doesn't even have a term for his relationship with Matt "A few months later" , how awkward would the buying of a house be even before that? How did he come out to the in-laws?

I just feel like I missed a lot in those skipped few months.
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Nichem I agree, Jen. I would have liked to read about what happened in those few months-- it seemed like a lot of big issues just to skip over.


I also had a few niggles with the ending of this book. It seemed like there were several issues that were still unresolved (like Evan's workaholic behavior, esp since he had made a big deal about how he felt guilty about being away from home/ the kids so much). And I also didn't think Evan had quite redeemed himself from the assholish behavior that he displayed through much of the book.

JenMcJ *possibly spoilerish*

I always felt like Evan was with Matt 100% as long as he didn't think first.

I think it is realistic that Evan would have the conflicting feelings about the huge life changes he found himself living with and I understood them. I tried to ask myself how would my Dad react to such stunning changes in his life? To me Evan's mindfucks felt less assholish and more honest and confused to me.

I would have found it unrealistic to think that in a matter of months Evan would be comfortable with gay pda between anyone, himself and Matt included.

Nichem True. I'm sure it would be quite confusing to have your life turned around like that after 20 some years. Still didn't keep me from wanting to smack him upside the head several times. :P It was actually the work thing that bothered me the most-- he kept talking about not being with his kids enough and looked like his kids were feeling the effects of that (at least Danny), but that didn't seem to change any, and in fact, with his new position seemed like it might be even worse.

Leslie Nicoll Thank you for this review and these comments. I agree 100%. While I was reading the book, I was really enjoying it, but afterwards, I had the same issues as you...and more. I felt like I was cheated out of a whole bunch of interesting story (buying the house, etc.). Also, the whole story thread of the grandparents taking custody of the kids went absolutely nowhere. Why was that even introduced since it just seemed to totally fizzle out? Then, with Evan's potential job promotion...I can't imagine in a million, zillion years anyone on the NYPD saying out loud that they were thinking of promoting someone because they were gay! Seriously? In response to that, Evan says no to the job (I thought) and a few pages later he's thinking about it and by the end of the book will probably take the job (assuming it is offered). That sort of inconsistency really makes me crazy.

Like I said, this was one of those books that was good while I was reading it but thinking about it afterwards, the loose ends and plot holes really made me feel like it detracted from the overall quality.


message 5: by ElaineY (new) - added it

ElaineY Oh no. You guys are talking about the very things which made me find Faith & Fidelity such an unsatisfying read. I bought D & D in the hope that the 'holes' in F&F would be filled but sounds like from an unsatisfying read (F&F), I'll be ending up with a dissatisfying one in D&D.

I'd better skip it, then. Thanks for your reviews and comments!

message 6: by Feliz (last edited May 12, 2015 02:22PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Feliz Yes, that's exactly what bothered me, too - although I could get into it after a while. It's just stated the fact, period. Maybe if the author had foregone the prologue, it would have made the whole thing a little more smooth.

Martin I love the series, but I agree. The fight with the in-laws happened off page and even when they tried to start a custody battle, the confrontation did not happen on page. That's sad, because those scenes would have made a powerful read. Still, cudos to the author for creating this awesome series.

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