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Timoleon Vieta Come Home by Dan Rhodes
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Mar 18, 2010

really liked it
bookshelves: fiction

This is a story about Cockcroft, an ageing homosexual composer, and his best friend the mongrel Timoleon Vieta. All is going well for them (though Cockcroft is a bit bitter and resentful about how life has treated him) until 'the Bosnian' comes to stay ... the dog doesn't like him and he doesn't like the dog. He persuades Cockcroft to take Timoleon Vieta to Rome and leave him there.

The book takes on a new format then, with each chapter comes a new short story about the various people Timoleon Vieta comes into contact with as he tries to find his way home ... the stories are more about the people than the dog and his interaction with them is sometimes quite fleeting. I liked these little stories a lot, most of them were about unrequited love or love lost and this of course links nicely back to the abandoned dog. At the end of these chapters is a short piece on how Cockcroft is faring living with 'the Bosnian' without his beloved Timoleon Vieta.

I've only read one of his books before but I think I know enough now to say that Dan Rhodes doesn't do happy endings and although this is a bit of a spoiler it has to be said that animal lovers and doggy lovers in particular beware the ending is shocking, upsetting and gruesome.
There is also a lot of crude and graphic content.

Having said all that, there is a lot of humour too .. I smiled out loud a lot and shed a tear for TV too .. you couldn't not.
I didn't enjoy the book as much as 'Gold' but I did still like it, Cockcroft was a hard central character to love (or even like) but that didn't matter, it is the dog you are rooting for. Looking forward to reading 'Little Hands Clapping'.

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