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Dianetics by L. Ron Hubbard
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Nov 23, 2007

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WAIT! I'm serious: Read this and LAUGH. If you have ever questioned the origin of religion, or the power of brainwashing: READ THIS BOOK! I started to read it out of sheer curiosity, then became fascinated by the number of "tear-out" sign-up slips that litter every-other chapter. Honestly: cult applications. It's SCARY, but REAL. There is confirmation that JRR Tolkein and LRonHubbard INVENTED these middle-earths: Elron/LRon...get it? REAL people pay to be CLEARED. Save yourself from the rest: Read this and LAUGH.
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Crystalfrostification This isn't a book review, it's an editorial/rant against the religion of the author of the book.

message 2: by Ithilin (new)

Ithilin Regardless, of the actual review she actually makes a decent point. Although not too sure why she mentioned JRR Tolkien though.

James I did read it. There were no sign-up slips every other page. There was plenty of information on why people act irrationally and a natural therapy to handle it.

James I think seeing the results with your own eyes and own application is much more compelling than an overrated "peer review."

I am curious why Michael is trolling all the Dianetics reviews on Goodreads. He's commented on several. Biased? Agenda? Bored? Who knows! Clearly a troll looking for trouble.

Johannesberg, S.A., has several successful Dianetics organizations as well as other cities in S.A. Hubbard visited several African nations including Rhodesia, who didn't like it when Hubbard was against apartheid.

Dianetics works. You don't have to believe it, just have to use and apply it. It's free to those willing to check it out. Read the book, get a friend and use the information. There's a toll free number in the book if you have trouble.

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