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I, Alex Cross by James Patterson
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Mar 30, 2010

it was ok

I needed an audiobook to pass the time on the treadmill and the Patterson genres usually do quite well for that -- and passing the time on airplanes as well. The action moves along at a nice clip. That having been said, there was nothing really new here. It was the usual Patterson drivel. Alex has yet another girlfriend (met in previous Cross offerings). I keep wondering when this one will become alienated by his choice of work.
Others have wrote pretty good synopses, so I will just say that it is the usual Alex Cross with the good Dr. trying to solve the mystery of who is brutally murdering and woodchipping individuals in and around the Washington DC area. He gets the bee in his bonnet after his estranged niece (a high dollar hooker) is found chipped to death in a plastic bag in the back of a hoodlum's car. Yuck. Thereafter the expected graphic torture scenes associated with the depravity and gore that is typical of Patterson at his best (worst?).
There is the usual cast of family characters, a bit more shallowly rendered than usual, except for Nanna Mama, who still gets fleshed out a bit more than the others.
This is a good beach read or road trip read if you can stand the gore. But there is nothing new or remotely interesting here from Patterson Inc.

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Shannon Eh...methinks that Patterson is losing his touch. But, it is a good fluffy read to let the brain rest a bit ;-)

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