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Saint George and the Dragon by Margaret Hodges
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Mar 17, 2010

it was ok

The action rages with all the intensity of medieval romanticism in this retelling of a renowned mystical tale taken from the pages of Sir Edmund Spenser's classic, The Faerie Queene.

At the behest of the powerful Fairy Queen who owns his servitude for six years, the noble and brave Red Cross Knight sets off with the Princess Una on a journey to vanquish the unimaginably horrible dragon that has cast its shadow over Una's kingdom. The task set before the Red Cross Knight is more than just perilous; it is in all reality an impossible one, for on his own the human knight can do nought to stop the awesome rages of the impenetrable dragon. It is the subtle intervening power of the esoteric Fairy Queen that allows the Red Cross Knight to rise from his apparent grave more than once during the fierce struggle with the mammoth beast, giving him the chance to achieve victory in this hopeless struggle against the armored behemoth that is his fire-breathing foe. If the Red Cross Knight is willing, perhaps the depth of his bravery can give him a path to win the epic battle and improbably restore peace to Una's kingdom.

This book is a good example of what makes this type of fantasy literature so appealing. Courage and unfathomable danger and battling for the affection of a heartsick princess are all mixed together here in a stirring tale that is sure to excite readers for untold years to come, and the beautiful language created by author Margaret Hodges is as evocative of the magical scene as are the rich illustrations by Trina Schart Hyman. I would give two and a half stars to Saint George and the Dragon.

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