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Talk Me Down by Victoria Dahl
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Apr 05, 2010

it was amazing
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I don't typically read a lot of contemporary romance, but I really enjoyed this one and plan on reading more of this series and genre.

Talk Me Down is about an erotica writer who moves back to her small mountain hometown of Tumble Creek, CO from Denver once she inherits her aunt's house. Molly Jennings likes to keep her life a secret, especially her career from friends, family, and lovers. Moving back to her hometown fortifies Molly after dealing with an ex-boyfriend who can't seem to leave her alone, despite their six months apart. Camron, a negotiator of the Denver PD, is handsome, chauvinistic, and a real jerk who has an annoying skill of convincing everyone, especially potential boyfriends not to be involved with Molly, but worship Cameron instead.

Once Molly is settled back into town, she quickly reacquaints herself with the young police chief, Ben Lawson. A guy she had an adolescent crush on, and is still lusting after him. They do quickly hook up, but the relationship is rather rocky at times. Ben wants nothing more than open honesty from Molly. Something she is not willing to give. It definitely creates tension and anger. Ben had survived a sex scandal involving his father when he grew up. He wants honesty, and wants to keep out of the town gossip about his private life. Which is exactly what does not happen while being involved with Molly.

Molly discovers after moving back to Tumble Creek that she has a stalker who is constantly, at first, doing subtle things to unsettle her. With many twists and turns and reappearances of Cameron and his "Merry Men" (Molly's ex-potential boyfriends) and one pissed off crush of the chief. A seemingly unalterable wedge is driven between Ben and Molly. Ben finds out Molly's work secret, just after telling her "I love you" and her promise to come clean about her work. Ben has vowed throughout their sex relationship that they would not become more involved until Molly was open with him.

Ben is angry and hurt at Molly not being honest that she was an erotica writer. The main reason he was mad was due to the fact that her first book was about him and her (something that didn't actually happened, but Molly fantasized about). Rightfully mad, but taking it a bit too far Ben breaks things off with Molly at the same moment of the seemingly ending her stalking fiasco. Without giving any spoilers away, Ben and Molly eventually work things out and the stalker issue is finally put to rest.

I really enjoyed this book. Victoria Dahl is definitely a whitty writer. This book definitely held my interest with funny dialog and hot scenes. I recommend this book to anyone looking for an entertaining romance or to those who don't typically read contemporary romance, you will not be disappointed. I look forward to reading the next two books in the series, Start Me Up and Lead Me On.
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03/31/2010 "I am loving this book so far!!!" 2 comments

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UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish I really want to read these, but I'm stuck on historicals! Have you read anything by Dahl?

Alycia No but I see reviews all the time from friends on GR. The reviews are always good. And have recommended this series to a friend and she liked the first one. I don't read many contemporary romances but want to give this series a try. Sorry I can't really tell you about them,UM.

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish That's ok, thanks!

Cyn Mistress Kitty Great review. I have this on my Kindle but need time to read it.

Alycia Thanks Cyn! I hope you enjoy it.

Cyn Mistress Kitty It looks cute as well as sexy.

Alycia It definitely is. I laughed a lot, and loved the fact that there were steamy scenes. I really got sucked into this story.

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish I haven't started this series. Yet.

Alycia I definitely recommend this one and look forward to reading the rest. Let me know how you like it, D. It makes me want to try more contemporary romance too :)

Robin (RBBR) I've read all of the Tumble Creek Series as well as One Week as Lovers, A Rake's Guide To Pleasure and To Tempt A Scotsman which are Historical. I think I have them on my read shelf but I don't think I've gotten a review up yet. I think all six are really good and I look forward to one she had coming out later this year. Her book The Wicked West hasn't gotten the best review by some people but I liked it and its an interesting read since its "the book Molly was writing in Talk Me Down".

Alycia Robin wrote: "I've read all of the Tumble Creek Series as well as One Week as Lovers, A Rake's Guide To Pleasure and To Tempt A Scotsman which are Historical. I think ..."

I wasn't sure about reading her historicals since I heard they were wallpaper historicals, however I love HR, so I may give them a try... thanks Robin! I am also looking forward to her new book coming out, as well as finishing the tumble creek series.

I saw that there was a novella, on Dahl's website, I will have to check it out since I now know what it's about... I need to read that. That's awesome that she wrote that and shared it.

Robin (RBBR) What is a wallpaper historical? I've never heard the term before?

Alycia Robin wrote: "What is a wallpaper historical? I've never heard the term before?"

I didn't either. And I asked whom I heard it from. I eventually looked it up. Apparently it is characters/story that is written in a historical setting, but could be inserted into a modern day scenario and no one could tell the difference. Nothing wrong with that, just different.

I took this suggestion and the fact that I wanted to try more contemporaries as suggestion. But I am willing to try them. Which one is the best? I can start there :)

Robin (RBBR) Thank you for answering my question.
The Historical's aren't connected so they don't have to be read in any order (course series don't always have to be read in order either)I happened to read them in the reverse of what I listed them. A Rake's Guide to Pleasure has a certain element that I had not read in a story line before and it was actually quite interesting to read about. The hero has a different reason for doing what he does other then what you might think but its not bad and makes sense as you learn more about him. I hope you enjoy them.

Alycia No problem, I am happy to answer your question. I will take a look at that one first, thanks! :)

Robin (RBBR) You're welocme

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