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Abandon the Night by Joss Ware
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Mar 17, 10

really liked it


Rating: 8
Heat Level: 4

ABANDON THE NIGHT by Harper Collins, 2010

Abandon the Night by Joss Ware is a spell bounding 368 page turning fantasy romance novel set in the future. As the story begins with an abusive tension between Quent and his father, Parris Fielding, the reader is immediately drawn into the dramatic life of the main character -Quent. Joss Ware germinates the story with sharp details like the nape of Quent’s neck and active verbs that stand alone like, Snap. The seeds of intensity are watered with a world that is falling to ruin, setting the stage for a suspenseful, imaginative and passionate ride.

With sweat and pain blinding Quent and fear and anger motivating him, this unlikely hero rises from the ashes of an annihilated civilization where a crystal found in the depths of the seas of Atlantis yields immortality and a Cult of Atlantis has harnessed its powers to create immortal humans known as the Strangers.

The story begins in England when Quent is very young, but most of it takes place in America, namely New Vegas (Las Vegas) which has been dubbed, Envy near sixty years later which ironically has become the cradle for most of surviving humanity and has become the largest settlement on American soil.

Fortunately for Quent and four of his friends, because they journeyed into a cave whose energy properties protected them from the effects of the annihilation, the five of them emerge sixty years later still alive and find themselves asking what, how and why. furthering the fantastical aspects of the story are paranormal abilities some of the characters have acquired. Quent has the ability to hold objects and see whose touched it and what the object has been experienced.

Adding a flavor of romance to this fantasy is the character Zoe, who enters Quent’s life upon saving him from a Zombie like creature. But Zoe is protective of the arrows she uses for hunting these undead and requests Quent to return it to her. This sets in motion the relationship between the two of them, Zoe losing an arrow on purpose, and Quent finding it for her and she demanding it returned. The relationship is hot and steamy and when Quent lays eyes on her he finds his mouth dries, his blood rushes, and his heart pounds.

Joss Ware incorporates Zoe’s point of view and her struggles as well as employs Quent’s own life history to build a more solid story and intriguing plot development. The reader will find him or herself falling in love with both characters and hoping they can overcome the tumultuous future that has befallen mankind because of the sinister intentions of others. As the author delves into Zoe’s mind, the reader soon finds her confronted with Raul Marck, a nemesis and soon all hell might break loose.

But as everything is crumbling around them, it seems Quent may hold the keys to the future, but when your Quent with no skills, no resources, and nothing to offer, how do you save the world from your sadistic father?

This was a very entertaining read and I would recommend it to most everyone of a mature audience.

Review by ami Blackwelder, March. 16th, 2010. http://www.hotgossiphotreviews.blogsp...

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