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Dark Lover by J.R. Ward
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May 21, 2010

liked it
bookshelves: trashy-smutty-stuff, romance
Read from May 01 to 20, 2010

When I started this book, I was all ready to snark on it for a few good reasons (which I'm listing below!), but then about halfway through, I really started to like it despite its flaws, and now i'm intrigued enough to read a few more books in the series (maybe not the entire thing, but we'll see how it goes). Ward does some interesting things with the vampire mythology and made these vamps a lot more palatable to me than say, the pasty cold Twilight clan, and she changes most of what you think about vampires, besides the fact they have fangs and suck blood (but not human). A better author could have made more of Wrath's (yes, Wrath) fears about becoming king, and the back story of the centuries-long fight between the Omega and the Scribe Virgin, but I'm assuming she will get to that in the next books. I especially liked the emerging story of the human cop Butch and his attraction to the vampire Marissa. And all in all, Wrath and Beth had a good love story, and that's not too much to ask.

BUT! I cannot go further without mentioning a few issues with the book. Because they are notable.
--THE NAMES. What is up with the names? It makes the characters look ridiculous! Phury, Tohrment, Rhage, Zsadist??? Wrath is the most normal. Ward, you're killing me. It's hard to take them seriously!
--The dialogue. Oh, some of this was painful. The series is based on a brotherhood of badass dudes. Ward REALLY doesn't know how groups of men talk, and she should have had a few in her life read some of the dialogue. The words "pimp juice" were used. Unironically. COME ON.
--They're all built like Fabio. I know I'm in the minority, but a man with flowing black hair, has no body hair, and his thighs are the size of my head? And wears too much leather and has anger issues? What a delightful gentleman! I get the "animal attraction" bit between Wrath and Beth, but there was plenty of eye-rolling going on throughout the story.

Despite all that, I enjoyed the super creepy bad guys (lessers) and thought Ward did a good job setting up a massive battle between good and evil to come in later books. She was a balancing a lot on her plate with multiple character developments as well as a plot arc, and it sufficiently intrigued me. So I'm giving it a positive review...begrudgingly!

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