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The Storks' Nest by Laura L. Williams
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Jun 24, 12

Read from March 16, 2010 to June 24, 2012

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Reading Progress

03/16/2010 page 20
5.95% ""I asked one of them for a knife, but at that very moment, the cord detached from inside the mother.""
03/18/2010 page 51
15.18% ""A Russian banya (steam bath) is a family affair, & even Kisa joined us. He lay sprawled on the floor with his tongue hanging out.""
03/26/2010 page 59
17.56% ""It bothered me that I was famous just because I was American and not for some good deed or accomplishment.""
03/29/2010 page 74
22.02% "...the older brother of one of the pupils came running into the school & yelled, The water's coming, the water's coming! Get out of here!"
06/11/2010 ""The stallion got down, then reared up again and grabbed Igor's jacket at the shoulder with his teeth and threw him to the ground. Then Orlik mated with Aza while Igor and I watched in disbelief.""
06/16/2010 page 103
32.0% ""I held the poacher from the safety of my steed until Igor returned. Igor had taken the rifle from the other man and led him to where I stood."" 4 comments
08/10/2010 page 166
52.0% ""The next day the old poacher came back with the thermometer wrapped in a white handkerchief. This thing works wonders, he exclaimed as he walked in the door. Igor asked what he meant. He said that he went home and put it under his arm and held it there all night. By morning he was cured.""
10/24/2010 page 208
65.0% "The other women begged her to stay, saying it was too early and planes could still fly overhead. She paid no heed and ran across the field to Chukhrai, taking her four-year-old son by the hand and holding her infant on her arm. She made it halfway across the field when she saw the plane."
12/09/2010 page 243
76.0% "While the turkey was baking and delicious smells filled the kitchen, I thought about how we had sacrificed a life to uphold an American tradition. I hoped that we were doing the right thing and that this bird had not died in vain."

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