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Westmark by Lloyd Alexander
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Mar 16, 10

bookshelves: recommended

I have not read this book in years and I don't care if it's still really good or not, but as a kid, I had SUCH a crush on this book. Sigh.

ETA: When I was 10, I thought this cover was the HOTTEST THING EVER.

Just saying.
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Angie It's still really good. And each one gets better, IMO. :)

message 2: by Julie (new)

Julie When I was a teen (I'm 30 now) I used to get Lloyd Alexander books out of the library like crazy every summer. My favorites were The Arkadians, and the Vesper Holly Adventures.

I am very sad to see that our local library branches are all discarding Alexander's books now... I keep seeing multiple copies (from different branches) in the library book sales.

Maggie Stiefvater I'm ashamed to say I just tracked the three books down individually, with these covers, because HOT DAMN he is smexy on this one (or at least he was to my 10 year old self and I can't see him as anything but).

I can't believe they're discarding his books, Julie -- I think they're still extremely readable since they're set in secondary worlds. I might be biased, but I don't find them dated at all.

message 4: by Mari (new)

Mari Landgrebe CLEARLY I've been missing out on some awesomesauce with Lloyd Alexander. *adds to TBR pile* THANK YOU for pointing these out to me! I love new releases, but sometimes old favorites are just what you need.

One of my (not so old) favorites from when I was a kid is Invitation to the Game by Monica Hughes. So hard to find a copy these days, finally did through bookswap.

WOOT for new reads to track down! ^_^

Maggie Stiefvater I hope you enjoy them, Brittany! :)

Angie Those were the covers I first read, too, Maggie. And I really want to track them down as well. The covers of the later paperbacks were just not as cool.

Maggie Stiefvater Maggie wrote: "I hope you enjoy them, Brittany! :)"

If you do, Angie, look on Amazon under the different editions -- I tried Abe Books and eBay first and they were $40 a book!

Angie Wow, thanks for the tip!

message 9: by Julie (new)

Julie ....or check your local library sales, apparently! I should have picked up more of the ones I saw. As it was I did get The Arkadians, because I've wanted the hardcover edition with the Trina Schart Hyman cover for YEARRRS. Now I have it, a beautiful pristine copy, actually, but not the way I would have chosen (library discard).

And that cover IS smexy!

message 10: by Tamora (new)

Tamora Pierce Gosh, Maggie, I wonder why!

Jenny I LOVED Lloyd Alexander when I was younger!!! And the cover too!

Amelia, the pragmatic idealist Oh my gosh, I want THAT cover instead of the one I grew up with---I think that's Theo, and man he's hot!

Maggie Stiefvater I know, right, Amelia? SPICY. ;p

Angie Hehehe. These covers must be mine.

message 15: by Sophie (new)

Sophie Riggsby Yeah...cover goodness.

message 16: by Amy (new)

Amy *laughs* That is defintitely one of the more amazing covers I've seen.

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