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Fist Stick Knife Gun by Geoffrey Canada
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Mar 22, 10

Read from March 15 to 16, 2010

Well, it's the time of a bad summer, the summer of 1993 in New York City. People in America have been killed by other people who use violence. I'd imagine long ago in the 1900's that people were getting killed on the streets everyday, even people who never used violence in their life. When I began to read the book, Fist Stick Knife Gun, it was a violent time of killing, people dying in vain for no reasons. It's mostly about a boy living in the streets of a neighborhood where violence had always been used every single time. His name was Geoff or the author, Geoffrey Canada who struggled with the violence in his neighborhood, but learned the codes of violence in his hood as he was one of the kids who uses violence, but still his shy, calm self against violence, also one of the cool kids in his hood. He's sending a message to violence, "Please, can't we make peace, you pick on children not your own size, but thinks it's the way to do it in America, their own time period." People also resort to other ways, even if violence for example is a problem for citizens or children.

Geoff, a child growing up in the mean streets of violence in America, was kind of happy in their time when violence didn't appear, but things began to change in America. His older brothers, Dan and John witnessed a experience of violence, a man telling John to give his jacket to him or else there would be fists exchanged to him and the stranger. After that, Geoff's two older brothers told their mom about the jacket incident and she told them to get it back. Geoff's older brother, Dan got his other brother's jacket back with his strong determination and used little violence to send a message to people who use violence when you pick on nice people. Geoff was shocked by the change of America because of violence, he also took a stand to the teens who were bothering him and his brothers. He amazed the teens of his fighting and made a big difference fighting against violence.

Geoff, his older brother John, his friends Mike, Junior and Kevin are a part of violence in the neighborhood they all live in together. Geoff's brother, John and himself took stands to people who resorted to violence and became them, their own selves, but made the people notice they could stop violence and make the people to fight violence in the hood they live together in. Even Geoff's friends Mike, Junior and Kevin used only violence if things came out of hand or to stop the fights. They were now nice, sincere to the citizens. I think the book I'm reading now was tragic, long ago in his hood, Geoffrey Canada and I feel sorry for him. It took maybe all his strengths to live and survive from the violence. I would support his opinion of violence because it'll make you into a bad, wanted man. You wouldn't be the same, again.

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