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This Side of the Grave by Jeaniene Frost
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Mar 08, 11

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Read from March 02 to 08, 2011

2.5 stars - My favorite book of this series was the last, Destined For An Early Grave. Between that one and this TSOTG, there was at least a year wait. Between then, I was going through Bones withdrawals! I was so excited to start this one.

You can imagine how upset I was that TSOTG turned out to be the weakest book in the series. What happened?! I thought I'd ravish this book. Instead, I've put this book down, on a number of occasions, to do chores around the house.

Yeahs ::

* BONES! Of course!

* Don's secret finally exposed.

* Justina has a new career that pisses of Cat. I don't why. Cat is so selfish!

* Yes, we do get a hot Bones and Cat scene. But most of it was a little disturbing. (See Nays below.)

* Cameos: Vlad, Mencheres, Fabian, Spade, Denise, Ian, Tate, Don, Justina, Juan, Cooper, Dave, Timmie, Marie Laveau, Apollyon and a few newbies.

* We get one great line from Ian that describes Veritas, a newbie that I'm really interested in reading more about ... The setting, final battle scene, "Am I the only one who has wood over that little vixen?".

Nays ::

* Bones - luv him! But something was off. I can't put my finger on it. He wasn't as charming, sexy and witty as he is in the previous books. He flattened out a bit.

* Cat - This is the first book where I was annoyed by her. She was to COCKY! I'm still trying to figure out why she is so awful to Tate. She's mad at him for not telling her about Don's secret. But no body told her! Why is she mad at just him? She tells him she never wants to talk to him again but she is fine with everyone else that kept the secret. The few times he makes an appearance she is awful to him. I thought she looked to him as her best friend? If anyone should be mad it's Tate. He got the shaft once Bones came back.

* I've been hearing that Vlad makes an appearance and has some funny quotes. Nope. I really enjoyed his appearances in the previous books. In this one he was flat.

* The storyline was flat. Not much action. Not the page turner I've been used to with this series.

* The book starts off with would-be-hot scene between Bones and Cat. (view spoiler), sounds yummy. Sadly it wasn't. I don't know where the chemistry ran off to but it was missing for most of the book. The scene was flat, which became the theme for the rest of the book.

* The big hot sex scene. Candle wax + genitals + eating it = not hot, kind of gross. I don't care about the candle wax, it's the eating it off part that was weird. Since when do vampires eat candle wax? I must have missed the memo.

* The one thing I don't like about these vampires is that they have bloody tears and ejaculation. It's weird. For some reason it's seems to get mentioned a lot more in this book. Which brings me to another point ... (view spoiler), then why don't they show up when she cries, since there is blood in her tears? (view spoiler) Seems like boo boo in the writing.

*The very last couple lines of the book leave you with a cliffhanger that should have you so excited for the next book that you're already pre-ordering it. But, it wasn't that great of a cliffhanger. Wasn't exciting enough. Funny, but not exciting.

Plot 2 stars
Cover 3 stars
Writing 2 stars
Setting 3 stars
Originality 4 stars
Characters 3 stars
Romance / Chemistry 3 stars
Action : Romance Ratio 80:20
Ending 2 stars.
Good enough to pick up again 2 stars

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Cyndi I am not liking this one as much as the others. Also on page 122 it says "Don't him let go!" instead if don't let him go. Then they mentioned earlier that Denise is a shapeshifter and I was surprised. I guess that is all covered in her spinoff book but I don't really want to read it.
Plus not much is really happening so far.

Tina This was my least favorite book. Denise is story is in the Spin Off. I don't know what happened here. Maybe the author is putting a lot of focus on the spin offs and Cat and Bones got the shaft as far as story lines go.

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