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Cat Toy by Illian Obsidian
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Dec 13, 2007

did not like it
Recommended for: no one
Read in November, 2007

Upon completion of this novel I was sorely tempted to dangle my copy above some candles and watch it burst into flame. I suspect that would have been more entertaining than reading it proved to be. The pyromaniac temptation, no doubt, was inspired by the candle pictured on the cover. I’m really not sure what the other item on the cover is supposed to be however. A cat paw maybe? The ambiguity of the second item is reminiscent to how I felt when I thought about what the author’s purpose in writing this book might have been.

Cat Toy revolves around four characters, primarily Yai (John) a human space pilot who crashed on a planet inhabited by Cat People, of which the population seems to be made up primarily of men. Tryl is the cat man who found John, named him Yai, and took him as his slave.

Initially, the story’s synopsis sounds promising. Science fiction meets romance, right? While there is space travel, planets inhabited by strange creatures, and some interesting technology, by way of the shuttles and the translating devices, that’s about it for the science fiction aspect of it. There is no real character exploration, no real discernible plot, and a complete lack of depth. The story itself is roughly eighty-plus pages in length; the author could have really used another eighty pages to flesh out her characters and plot.

By the end of the book I was just absolutely stunned at the complete lack of believability and realism in this book. Yes, it’s a work of fiction, however, as a reader I should feel as though the characters themselves are real. I should feel as though I had come to know them and their actions and thoughts should have been realistic to me. Instead I’m torn between laughing or cringing at the absurdity of the characters in this book. [...]

Full book review can be read at my book blog. I'm way too wordy according to GR! lol
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Tangerine_haze I agree 100%. I don't know how this book has gotten such high reviews. You should read So I was an Alien Cat Toy by Ann Somerville. You can find it for free at

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