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Tailchaser's Song by Tad Williams
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Apr 18, 2010

it was amazing
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Read in January, 1992 , read count: 3?

Another long ago read that I can't quite remember. I did own it but lent it out and never saw it again. I have mental images of a cat with red claws, evil cats with chilling graveyard breath, and a climactic showdown involved a Jabba-the-Hut-sized evil cat god. I think I cried, too, but I can't remember why or for what...need to read this again.
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message 1: by David (new)

David <--- Nerd.

Two t's in Hutt, please.

Eh?Eh! David wrote: "<--- Nerd.

Two t's in Hutt, please."

Geek may be more accurate. :o)

I combined the original with the Space Balls remake. In other words, I refuse to admit I made a mistake.

Eh?Eh! Aw crap, it's Spaceballs and "Pizza the Hutt"!

I'll turn in my nerd card. I don't deserve to be a card-carrying member until I learn to check or for everything first.

karen one of my all time favorite books forever and ever.
read it and review it so i can read about someone else's love.

message 5: by Lori (new)

Lori This is one I'm "saving" for a special time, but damn if I haven't been saving it for far too long now!

Eh?Eh! This nerd will be kissing-and-telling, never fear.

Oh yes, the time is now for this book!

message 7: by Buck (new)

Buck So here’s something we have in common: I actually read one of this guy’s books, way back in my pre-pubescent, sword-and-sorcery phase. The Dragonbone Chair, I think it was. Compared to Robert Jordan, it seemed almost arty and high-end: the A la recherche du temps perdu of the multi-volume fantasy epic. Anyway, it was right around then that I discovered masturbation, and my interest in sexless elves kind of waned. Still, fond memories.

If pressed, I could even swap Madeleine L’Engle recollections with you. But don’t press me, please.

Eh?Eh! When I was a dewy-eyed young lass, innocent of the carnal acts, I overheard some teenagers talking about the m-word. When I asked them to repeat it, because I'd never heard of it before, they hemmed & hawed and finally said it was "mass-production" and laughed hugely (opposites, too funny). Despite the name, Tailchaser's Song is too limpid to sully with teen talk. Give us your own review of The Dragonbone Chair, this turning point in your reading/manual activities.

I read that entire series, too. Tailchaser's (heh!) Song was like a practice run for that. Lots of similarities that I hadn't noticed before.

Eh?Eh! Also, you had a sword-and-sorcery phase?! Spill.

message 10: by Buck (new)

Buck Sure, we can talk about that. Offline. In strictest confidence.

The Crimson Fucker dude i loved this one!!!!

Eh?Eh! Hah! I know, Alforgeto, I ended up getting a replacement copy on your comment thread. You have a great shelf name.

Eh?Eh! He hasn't, but that's more because I forgot to ask. My days are filled soothing beige cubicle walls and whatever shiny thing is currently in front of me. He's been very silent lately. Maybe if we keep talking about him, he'll appear. Like the Devil.

Eh?Eh! I'm hoping his conscience will prod him into revealing more (any?) books he read as a gawky nerdy little boy. The first few would probably be slipped in without comment (from him, plenty from us, yes?). Then as he became more easy with the process they'd be cathartic - "I never thought that little engine could make it," "I was afraid the caterpillar would pop," "I always thought Madeleine's dress would look pretty on me." Our patience will be rewarded.

Eh?Eh! I'm betting there were costumes and arguments on the proper way for the cape to drape.

Eh?Eh! Heh, I was obsessed with TPB, no pictures though. For the SCA, do you think he was the hose-wearing kind, or the chainmail and mock battle type?

The Devil invocation deal doesn't seem to be working.

Eh?Eh! Nonono, you're supposed to faint after you've been thoroughly "loved," each time as mind-blowing as the last and the next! Fainting before isn't "romantic."

Eh?Eh! SO'M did faint from despair when marrying her first husband.... I'm too far up on my late 20th century rape-y crap-sics.

Eh?Eh! Heh, sorry, we all could use one of those brain bleachings after this last book.

Eh?Eh! That movie always makes me think Anne Boleyn, for the 3 boobs.

Eh?Eh! I remember too much from it. Sharon Stone, that actor who always plays the bad guy from the Highlander movies, ArnoldSchwartz's description of his dream woman. Brain bleach!

message 22: by Buck (new)

Buck I can't say I've ever had a woman faint on me, either before or after. But pretending to be asleep? That's a ruse I'm all too familiar with.

Sorry if I've been less than attentive lately. Every once in a while, I make the mistake of trying to live a little offline. I always regret it.

So, what have I missed? Aside from the rape and bestiality, I mean. I'm almost caught up on that.

Eh?Eh! Deployment of the of

Eh?Eh! I discovered a love of animal butts. Just looking and awww-ing, nothing else.

Elizabeth was hoodwinked by the Altanta airport bookstore again, with hilarious results.

Ceridwen won her first first-reads.

Someone besides me, Ceridwen, or Meredith posted a LOLcat.

And more.

message 25: by Buck (new)

Buck Eh! wrote: "Deployment of the of"

Tell me about it. You wouldn't believe the circuitous route I had to take to get to this review (okay, it was like three clicks and took all of five seconds, but still, I almost got sidetracked into YouPorn again. No telling how long I would've wallowed there. Well, probably about 3.5 minutes, if previous visits are anything to go by. Haven't I already brought up masturbation in this thread? And is this parenthesis long enough for you?)

message 26: by Sparrow (new)

Sparrow Elizabeth wrote: "Buck wrote: "So, what have I missed? Aside from the rape and bestiality, I mean. I'm almost caught up on that."

Um? I broke in my purple clogs."

Wait, what? I think I need to hear more about these purple clogs. What kind are they? I can't picture purple clogs being a good idea.

message 27: by Sparrow (new)

Sparrow Okay, whew. It's okay if it was something Cher was doing. I haven't seen it in like 10 years. I know, way too long. Must watch again.

message 28: by Sparrow (new)

Sparrow Yeah, it's a classic.

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