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The Art of War & the Prince by Machiavelli - Special Edition by Niccolò Machiavelli
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message 1: by Andrew (new)

Andrew Hey,

Yeah, we do seem to read similar stuff. Are you in college? If yes, what's your major? History or Philosophy?

I see that you're reading The Prince. You might be interested in also reading The Discoursi by Machiavelli. Some scholars suggest that The Prince may not actually reflect M's views. He wrote it at the request of the Medici and was arguably obliged to deliver a certain kind of work. The Discoursi, on the other hand, are reflections on what makes a good republic. Given the ubiquity of republic city-states in Italy at this time, Machiavelli had great insight into what made them tick, tock and boom. You can bet that Madison, Hamilton, etc. had this work in their library.

The funny thing is, however, that everyone thinks of Machiavelli from The Prince: hence Machiavellian. A part of that has to do with the way especially British play-writes frequently used a Machiavell.

Anyway, happy reading, whether you decide to check it out or not.


message 2: by Iskandar (new) - added it

Iskandar Muydinov yes indeed we do have some common books we'd like to read . Not yet in college but i wan't to learn political science i guess.
About Machiavelli, first i read him while i was sophomore in university. Ironically , you're dead right that majority never heard of his other works like The Discoursi ! Now i know and I should add that to my one of my shelves.
thanks for enlightenment Andrew .

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