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A Million Little Pieces by James Frey
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May 07, 07

really liked it
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Read in January, 2006

My best friend was reading it maybe 6 years ago. I went over her house one day to hang out. After realizing that she wouldn't be putting that book down anytime soon, I complained about wasting my time and she had me read one page, any page. I understood why she wasn't putting it down and let her be.

Years later, after book club hype and before memoir controversy, my mom had me read it. I've always been open minded in terms of memoirs and their relativity to fact. This wasn't the first time truths have been stretched in memoirs, it only received such an incredible response because Oprah felt like an asshole and as far as book sales are concerned, shes the god of high sales. The reason why I personally didn't automatically believe it was all 100% true while reading it is because this man is trying to remember things he did while he was messed up long ago. I don't remember what happened last night when I was drunk, but I can come up with a concept in my head of what happened through what I do remember (or perceive) and through what I was told from others with me. Even Larry King admitted in his interview with Frey that he had difficulty remembering things from his past when he wrote his own memoir.

I personally didn't mind that he stretched the truth and changed names and is now considered a liar. The book was good, thats all. My favorite concept that I got from reading this book was the descriptive writing made me almost feel his pain and I found it interesting that I felt better the more that he got better; from nausia and emotionally draining to clean and feeling a sense of relief.

I wont read it again, only because once was enough for me. But, I'm still a fan. It also helps to have read the second book. Maybe he should write a story about his life after the controversy. Hopefully he didnt start back on the drinking after everyone giving him so much shit, he looked terrible on the second Oprah appearance.
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