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Night Watch by Terry Pratchett
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Mar 14, 2010

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bookshelves: fantasy-sci-fi, humor, terry-pratchett
Read in March, 2010

The author never seems to miss a chance using Sam Vines and probably thought of it while writing the "Thief of Time."
On the eve of his child's birth, the Ankh-Morpork, citywatch commander and Duke, Sam Vimes, is hit by a lightning bolt outside the unseen university while chasing a 'watch' killer. He gets transported back in time to a key event in the city's history. The time monk known as the "Sweeper" makes a a guest experience to explain to Sam there's a problem with time and that Sam needs to fix it. The city is about to explode with revolution. A hiccup in time has created two divergent paths and Sam is tapped to make things right. He finds himself impersonating a dead man and insinuates himself into the night watch - a ragtag group with little pull with city "law enforcement" (the citywatch was once two groups - the day watch and the night watch.)
It won't be easy. A political coup is planned. The current city patrician has created a secret police which has everyone cowed and it just so happens the psychopath killer Sam was chasing is also there with him and been made sergeant of the secret police. Will Sam lose himself, make the wrong decisions, and never see his wife, Sybil, and his child? Or will h prevail and live to protect the streets of the city (in the future?) another day? What should Sam Vines do? Be Sam Vimes, of course.

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