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Petals From The Sky by Mingmei Yip
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Mar 14, 2010

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Read from March 14 to May 15, 2010

I felt like I was cheated after finishing this book. The summary on the book claimed that it went from the Buddhist temples to the streets of New York while detailing a woman's choice between the monastery and a last chance at romantic love.

While, yes, the book did include temples, I had gotten the impression that we were going to see more of them, as in part of the woman's desire to become a nun. I was looking for an exotic getaway from normal fiction. However, the romantic rescue touted on the overleaf happened so early that I was left wondering what else there was to the novel. It is beautifully written and there is a lot of lovely descriptive language, but that doesn't make up for the fact that the main love interest, Michael, moves so quickly that the whole time, I doubted his sincerity and his sanity. He was overwhelmingly needy, clingy, and domineering, and that is repulsive, not attractive. I was more interested in Meng Ning's love for her mentor and her relationship with her friends.

The constantly shifting timeline was also a bit of a drawback when not reading the book in one sitting, but it's manageable. I wouldn't call it a bad book, but it wasn't what I expected or wanted.

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