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The Price of Freedom by William R. Forstchen
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Mar 14, 10

Weeellll . . . remember earlier when I said that Forstchen isn't so good at the whole espionage-thriller thing? Well, this one's just about 50% 'espionage'. And, as is so often the case with authors who are good/great with military, straight-forward narratives, they ain't so good with the crooked stuff.

In particular, Forstchen's primary weakness is in laying down plausible red herrings. An almost cardinal sin in an author trying to weave a yarn about deep and intricate plots and intrigues.

I still enjoyed the book, not quite as much as the previous books, and considering the next book is a prequel set at the very beginning of the Kilrathi war . . .

I'll be reading A Thousand Sons next, which JUST came over the wire for us at the D6Generation from Black Library to review. And also which, coincidentally, I've been awaiting with baited breath for months.

I might return to the last two Wing Commander novels soonish. It's just that a prequel, and then a novel from the Kilrathi perspective, the last two books (because I DO NOT count the movie-abortion-transcript a novel), aren't really calling to me.

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