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Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead
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Mar 13, 2010

it was ok
bookshelves: vampires, young-adult
Read from June 01 to 02, 2010

** spoiler alert ** Seriously?? I am returning this book. Screw this! This was so not worth the wait! Grrrr! and UGH!!! sum up this review. Let me say that there will be major spoilers discussed from here on out, and for those of you who have not read it yet, look away and don't bother reading this one. WASTE OF YOUR TIME and guaranteed your imagination was better off than the way this plot of left.


Ugh! Where to begin?! Seriously Rose has to actually take those trial tests? Like really? As her bad-ass, strong herione self, I would have said, nah I'm good, I don't need to take them, I have killed so many Strigoi already that that tat will be nothing in comparison to them.

I seriously just want to skip right ahead to the ending and talk about that! I was looking at the pages left and I was like, "Mead can't possibly leave SUCH a cliffhanger, she wouldn't do that to her loyal fans!" Oh no, I was sadly and disappointingly mistaken. She did it. Oh, she went there. Damn it Mead!

Ok, so we know all about Dimitri, how he's a Strigoi and how he's obsessed with turning/killing Rose to be with him for eternity, sweet but scary. And all things considered, I was thinking about it and as much as a tossed and turned about it, I think I would have joined Dimitri. I know I know, too taboo to say out loud, but I'm thinking, that after everything else Rose has been through, why the hell not? She has all these fabulous loyal friends who would find some way to turn her back or help her revert, right? I mean that's what she did for Dimitri...

So she went to his homeland, Russia, we learned all about that in the painstakingly long Blood Promise, which was not worth the read, because Mead summed it up in like a paragraph in this one. Can you see where I'm going with this? If not, I'll continue on. After she went there, did her boo-hooing, which is so not the Rose we've come to adore, she comes back to Court, rejoins with Lissa and then breaks into a maximum security prison to break out her true archnemesis, who "supposedly" has the in's for how to convert Strigoi back to their original form. Unheard of right? Nope. Not for Rose. So yada-yada, she does some homework, breaks Victor out, goes to Las Vegas, hears a tidbit about Lissa dead father, Mead plants that seed early for us readers, and then doesn't mention that until the last 10 pages of the book. Saw that one coming a mile away!

After the major fight with Dimitri the Strigoi in Vegas, somehow, ooo just "somehow" Victor and his deranged spirit-user brother Robert, slip away through their buttery, uncareful fingers.

Next, it's back home after all that hard work and trepidations of just meeting Robert. Pretty boring when they don't pop their heads back in in the end of the book. But I'm sure that they will in the next one. After some stupid and worthless parties that Rose attends with Adrian, yeah the queen was right in her seeing that that relationship is not solid and not going to last for long, she FINALLY goes back to Rhonda to get her future read. Now this, this right here, was the entire part that I was looking forward to. Not that I'm into the whole hooky palm reading crap, but hearing about Rose's future from tarot cards and me guessing what they "actually" mean and trying to piece together all the pieces, I got it. I finally figured it out about her journey she has to go on and who she's looking for (that I presume will be the next book.)

All makes sense. Right? Oh no, another curve ball Mead throws at us. Rose is suddenly thrown in jail for being accused of killing the queen herself. Not cool. But then her savvy dad, Abe, steps in and tries to handle the situation, blows up in his face, and at the hearing, it is deemed that Rose will be actually going to trial, whenever they decide to have it. Abe promises her that she will never go to prison and that they kill traitors. Awesome!

Now onto the whole Dimitri thing. Yeah, he's been through a lot lately. And he has grief and depression and can't believe that it happened and can't forgive himself. But he doesn't want to see Rose? And tells her repeatedly that he doesn't want to see her, that he doesn't love her and will never love her? Um...W-H-A-T??? "love fades. mine has." Man, I would have sobbed right then and there after bitch slapping him upside the head. How hurtful! And the whole "it would be best if you stay away from me for your own good?" EXCUSE ME?! You ungrateful, unappreciative bastard! Do you have ANY idea what the hell she has done for you? Been doing for you? And now you vouch your undying loyalty to LISSA? Oh no, oh no, no no. NO. Sorry Lissa, this just is not for you. I know there's no romance between them, but seriously? Lissa has not once TRIED to persuade Dimitri any other way! She just mentioned that "Rose wants to see you." She didn't push it. Questioned her loyalty to Rose for me on that one. After Rose is ALWAYS saying "she's like my like best friend like." OBVIOUSLY NOT. And how Rose is ALWAYS putting her first! Moiri or not, Rose would still die for Lissa. Oh wait. She already did that. Thanks Lissa! You're an awesome best friend! :-)

Adrian....man am I sucker for him? Geez. I love his guy, but at the same time, he's not Rose's soulmate, but I can't put a label on him quite yet. I loved him when we first met him at the ski lodge. How he kept pursuing Rose despite her blatant wave offs. How he's always supported her, finanically, relationship wise and just overall dependability. I'll still think about him after writing this review. It's like if he's not with Rose...I don't know where else he would be or who he would be with and I definitely wouldn't like it if he was with someone else....

Christian and Lissa. They needed to get over themselves. Period.

Small characters here and there played their parts well. Will come up in the next book I'm sure that comes out 12/07/10. Six months from now. I hope that one will be worth the wait!

I know this was a bad "review" more like a synapse of what happened, but I seriously was so disappointed in this one. I loved the action scenes though, like I always do, and loves how Mead writes! Finally back to her way of writing, until like Blood Promise was! Phew! And her flow is just awesome. I never once was confused when reading when Rose was in Lissa's head or from another perspective. Very clear and concise.

But I am seriously returning this book. Not worth the $25.50. It did not uphold my expectations. I hated that fact that SO MUCH happened, but at the same time NOTHING did! Grrr and UGH!
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Jaclyn I'm so bummed to read your review (at least the non-spoiler part). I've been dying to read this book and now I'm nervous that I'll hate it as much as you did! I'll probably still read it, but now I'll definitely wait until the library finally gets it, which I've been doing anyway. :-) I'm sorry to hear you hated it though. :-(

Jaclyn Michelle, I just re-read your review, and I can't believe how similar our reviews were. You went into much mre detail, but we said almost the exact same thing! Weird. I promise I did not plagerize your review.

Jaclyn mre = more Oops!

Michelle♥ haha no problem! i'm glad we felt the same way! i do have to say though that i realy did like this series, and i can't wait to read her spinoff

Jaclyn I know, me too!

message 6: by Michikit (new)

Michikit Yeah, well. I'm trying to finish the fourth book and is really hard to focus on detailes. I loved the first 3 books and I just a little regret that I started Blood Promise, still going to try to finish it.

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