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hector by K.I. Hope
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Mar 12, 2010

liked it

tried my best not to give any spoilers. it's pretty hard to talk about without doing so, but here's my shot...

i've been trying to figure out how to review this book... and more importantly, the impact it's had on me. it certainly was not an easy read - because of the content mostly, but also because the readability was a bit sketchy at times as it hopped around the way only a stream of consciousness could. but it definitely was not just a stream of consciousness; there was planning involved... lots of it. it was a completely different story than the one i was expecting, which isn't always a bad thing. but at the end i felt played, manipulated, undoubtedly shocked, angry - but just as angry at the author as i was with the... twist (for lack of a better word).

i suppose sifting through the slew of emotions after finishing was part of hope's intent, so in that way her mission was accomplished. has it changed me and made a lasting impact in my life? ish. if awareness is the first step to change, then maybe that's where i am. but has it moved me to the kind of extreme action i imagine the author probably wants? no. will it ever? probably not. (i'm down with the natural order, honestly, so i'm not going to apologize or feel sorry for that part of my choice.) will it help me to make better choices in my day-to-day life? yep. it's all about the golden pasture the elder mentioned. anyway, i can see why so many people believe this is a must-read and how it's life-changing etc. if you're on the cusp already, then this will send you right over that edge.

there were a couple of parts i did take issue with. the end with the stomach took it too far. i don't think the soul resides solely (heh) in the flesh. i doubt many people believe that in death our bodies - or parts thereof - remain sentient, so to go there seemed unnecessary. it's possible it was poetic license to get the point across about who this protagonist was, but it just seemed to lose some credibility there. the other thing i had a problem with was the diversions into the other timelines (i'm guessing here, because again, it made no sense). they seemed to have no purpose in the context of the rest of the story. it seemed like a waste though because those parts were well-written and creative. they just belong to another story i think.

also, i still don't get the title. is it a greek mythology reference and hope means to akin the protagonist to the trojan warrior? or rather herself? or both?? clearly, the book is a scathing social commentary and as such, maybe hope feels like the hero fighting in this war? seems pretty arrogant if she is calling herself hector. though you need to have a bit of arrogance if you feel like you need to take on the world. still confused.
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