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Whistling In the Dark by Lesley Kagen
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Mar 12, 2010

it was amazing
Read in March, 2010

Synopsis: Sally O’Malley is a young little girl, with a strong heart and a young little sister who needs protecting, named Troo. But lately, in the summer of 1959, scary things too big for two little girls to be dealing with alone, with the father dead, mother in the hospital, a drunk step father and a big sister who’s too worried about her boyfriend. Their other young friends have been found dead, naked and raped and Sally believes that she’s next. She thinks she knows who did it, but she’s always been so imaginative.
Classifications: Target audience is 14+, with some language and drug use in it. The primary purpose was very narrative, because it simply told a story just to entertain. The manner of expression was in novel form, in the 1900s, with a genre of realistic fiction and a little dystopia. The genre of style is tragedy.
Criticism: This novel was very good literature. I enjoyed reading about the two young girls, Sally and Troo because they were so young, and so independent, which made it hard to believe, but the writer, Lesley Kagen, just made it so real. For example, I think that making things a little sadder, like the dead bodies of the little girls who know Sally and Troo being found in the yard or behind a dumpster, really enhanced the realness and believability for the writer. The writing style was well paced, I felt like she definitely slowed and quickened the perfect scenes for the reader to really understand the storyline and feel the emotions that she wanted us to feel. The character development was really good, even though I found out who the perpetrator is before it was given out, but that typically happens. I think it was one of the trickier of the books anyway, I didn’t find out the perpetrator until a little after I usually do, so I found that impressive. I really liked the storyline, overall. This is actually my second time reading this book.
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message 1: by Tippy (last edited Apr 28, 2010 08:34PM) (new)

Tippy Jackson Hello,

I appreciated the organization of your review and found it very helpful. Thank you. Do you write all of your book reviews like this, with a synopsis, classification and criticism section? It's a really good idea.

Marielle It's actually for a class called Reading Enrichment that I take. But thank you, I plan on continuing my reviews this way because I have also found it very simple. :) Thanks again!

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