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Born of Fire by Sherrilyn Kenyon
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I have to admit that 3 was too generous a rating for this book, where I'm concerned. But personal issues aside, this was better than average, so it would be unfair to rate it with just 2.

All I can think of is 'what a let-down' after the amazing Born Of Night:( I had very high hopes for this one, but unfortunately they didn't come true. I'll admit that Syn was a good hero, but compared to Nykyrian he's not worth a dime. Technically, he's a tortured hero too, because of his past. However, he didn't act much like it, except to believe that nobody will ever love him because of his past (which was at least realistic based on his history). Contrary to Nyk's taciturn, boorish behavior, he makes sarcastic comments, crack jokes and flashes beguiling smiles in order to hide his tortured heart. As I said, he was not bad, but personally he was not to my taste. And I feel that Kenyon overdid it with his good actions and donations and philanthropies. He was just a step beyond sainthood, which was kind of silly and unneeded; I would have liked him anyway.

I had however, huge issues with the heroine. How can you like a heroine who's pet-name for the hero is 'convict'? And when he finally complains about it, she claims she means it in a most loving way??? And everytime he says 'we have to take a ship' or 'borrow a ship' she asks: 'you mean steal it, right?' Yeah, that's the kind of faith she has on him:) And she keeps whining and whining to no end during their escapades: 'I wonder how you're still alive', 'what's taking you so long?','still haven't figured out how we're gonna escape?' and so on. I know they're supposed to come out as teasing remarks, but they were so many, it became annoying; she became annoying. All in all, she was just too cold and self-controlled IMHO for most of the book, to make her a good partner for Syn. She does become more affectionate towards the end, but she doesn't stop that snide remarks on the other hand; which he finds cute by the way.

To top all that, there were many recurring phrases throughout the book, while the 'words' 'gah' and 'ugh' appeared more often than 'yes' and 'no'. Anyway, no more reason for babbling about this. I just didn't like the heroine at all and couldn't feel the chemistry between them; I even skipped a couple of sex scenes. This time, those 500 pages seemed endless:( I hope the next one is better.
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message 1: by Darice (new) - added it

Darice Parris I could not agree more. I was so excited to continue this series after Born of Night, but the heroine is making it difficult.

Fani I liked the 3rd book better than this one Darice, so don't give up:)

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