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The Official Scrabble Word Finder by Robert Schachner
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Mar 11, 2010

it was ok
bookshelves: games, story-review

(Adapted from The Monty Python Bookshop Sketch. Graham Chapman has already asked for a long list of bizarre books)

Chapman: Oh, well do, do you have--

Cleese: No, we haven't. No, we haven't.

Chapman: B-b-b-but--

Cleese: Sorry, no, it's one o'clock now, we're closing for lunch--

Chapman: Ah, I--I saw it--

Cleese: I'm sorry--

Chapman: I saw it over there! I saw it...

Cleese: What? What? WHAT?!?

Chapman: I saw it over there: 'The Official Scrabble Word-Finder'!

Cleese: (pause; trying to stay calm) 'The Official Scrabble Word-Finder'?

Chapman: Yes...

Cleese: S-C-R-A-B-B-L-E?

Chapman: Yes....

Cleese: W-O-R-D??

Chapman: Yes.....

Cleese: (beat) Yes, well, we do have that, as a matter of fact....

Chapman: The expurgated version....

Cleese: (pause; politely) I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch that...?

Chapman: The expurgated version.

Cleese: (exploding) The EXPURGATED version of 'The Official Scrabble Word-Finder'?!?!?!?!?

Chapman: (desperately) The one without QI!

Cleese: The one without QI-!!! They've ALL got QI!! It's an Official Scrabble Word, it's in all the books!!!

Chapman: (insistent) Well, I don't like it... it spoils the game.

Cleese: (furious) All right! I'll remove it!! (rrrip!) Any other words you don't like?!

Chapman: I don't like CH...

Cleese: (screaming) CH! Right! CH! (rrrip!) There you are, any others you don't like, any others?

Chapman: YU?

Cleese: Right! (flipping through the book) YU, YU, YU, 'ere we are! (rrriiip!) There you are! No QI, no CH, no YU, THERE's your book!

Chapman: (indignant) I can't buy that! It's torn!
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Cathy Chua Manny. How splendid.

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