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In Blood And Worth Loving by Marilyn Lee
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** spoiler alert ** Meh. Not really my thing..

Don't get me wrong, I'm as into a good old fashioned PWP ("Plot? What plot?") story as the next gal.

But this one just didn't do it for me.

I really wanted to like it. The premise is great -- BBW hooks up with an uber-hot vampire alpha male for a weekend of amazing sex, only he was expecting a thin, blonde, white chick, and, well, our heroine isn't any of these.

PERFECT SETUP for both some amazing angst and awesome smexin, doncha think?

Only.. It wasn't... Both the hero and heroine were practically bipolar with their mood swings, the whole "in blood" thing was a bit squicky for me, but beyond that, the hero goes out and bangs other people... Wait, no, not only does he go bang other people, but we get the joy (sarcasm) of reading it in full descriptive glory.

Now IDK, I don't read a whole heck of a lot of "erotica" (I typically prefer smutty romances that are less about the "sperm" and tons of other graphically explicit words and phrases that I can't type in my review, and more about the hot-banging-leading-to-true-love), so that definitely could be my problem with this book... It's just that I want my hero to, well, be faithful. There's nothing sexy about a man going off and @#$%ing some other chick (especially not in explicit detail) while he's trying to work out his new connection/feelings/desires/whatever with the heroine. And then for her to find out about it and forgive him (and then tumble into bed with him) in the span of a five minute conversation?

*shakes head* Not sexy.

Not to mention, who the heck has a "fantasy" about having unprotected sex? I mean, I get the wanting to go without a condom, especially if you're going to be with someone who can't carry/transmit STI's, but to intentionally stop taking your birth control two weeks before a wild weekend? Srsly? *shakes head*

But, like I said, I'm not as into the straight "erotica" type novels as I am into "erotic romance" (keyword being romance).. Stuff like Larissa Ione or Lisa Marie Rice, so take my review with a big grain of salt.

1 1/2 stars
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message 1: by Mel (new) - rated it 1 star

Mel This is everything I would've written. I should have read this first and not wasted any time with this story.

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