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Angelology by Danielle Trussoni
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Oct 04, 2010

did not like it
bookshelves: angels, fiction, worst-book-ever
Read in October, 2010

The higher the expectations, the harder the fall. I broke some bones on this fall. At times this book reads like stereo instructions, it is virtually devoid of passion. It is also, the most secular angel book I have ever read.

And, don't get me started with verbiage...WOW!...I wondered, while reading this, if death by verbiage was possible....I still don't know the answer, but I think I came close. Long winded descriptions that are irrelevant and too many reiterations.

The "well bred" angelic families were nothing more than highly narcissistic, materialistic beings. It was difficult listening to their conversations (I listed to the book on CD). The nuns bore little resemblance to actual nuns, they were just as secular as the angels.

Why bother making this a book about angels? Just make it about old, rich influential families who have genetic mutations.

Blah!! Avoid if possible... :(

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09/29/2010 page 74
16.0% "I am really not liking the angel family. They, supposedly being, "well bred", amount to nothing more than highly narcissistic, materialistic snobs. It's hard to listen to the interaction between the family members. They are rather revolting. I do like the rest of the characters in the book, so maybe there is hope."
09/30/2010 page 100
22.0% "OK, I don't understand why Trussoni bothered to slap wings on her characters? She could have just made them descendants from a powerful king in history and had his descendants develop a rare genetic disorder. There is no religious significance in this book so far. Even the nuns don't sound religious."
10/01/2010 page 100
22.0% "So far this is the most secular angel book I have ever read."
10/01/2010 page 185
41.0% "DEATH BY VERBIAGE....Hmmmm...I wonder if it's possible. I am certainly getting crushed under the many, many, many, words, descriptions and reiterations in this book." 1 comment
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Robin Wiley I just put this on my list! I'm excited to see your review.

Colleen I actually downloaded the first couple chapters on my kindle and I LOVE the book so far. It's one of those rare books where I want to slow down and really enjoy every page of the book. My life has been crazy busy so I'm only on the second chapter, but I can tell I'm going to love the book.

I really like the "angel" fiction books coming out. I read Ann Rice's "angel time" book and liked it and I just finished "hush, hush" and that was really good too. Have you read any angel fiction books that you've liked.

message 3: by Jeanette (new)

Jeanette  "Astute Crabbist" Heh, "angelology." How's that for a made-up word? ;-) Almost a tongue-twister.

Colleen Hi Jeanette,

Are you planning on reading the book? Have you read any great books lately? :)

message 5: by Jeanette (new)

Jeanette  "Astute Crabbist" I may read the book, Colleen. It sounds like it could be quite interesting. Since it's an author I've never read before, I'll probably wait and see how the reviews stack up.
Hmmm, great books...just finished A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry. Oustanding writing, but probably qualifies as THE most depressing book I've ever read!! Still, I think I'll end up giving it five stars. Any less would be unfair, considering the quality of the writing and authenticity of the story.

Colleen Thanks for the suggestion. I'll check it out:)

Robin Wiley I'm a big fan of war-in-heaven or war between heaven and hell type stuff. God's Demon, Memnoch the Devil, Scar Night, Age of Unreason series, Neverwhere, Mortal Coils. But I'd qualify all that as fantasy. I don't think it would fall into angel fiction.

I'm fascinated by the angel as God's WMDs, turning cities into salt sort of power, and them being torn about watching over humans, being resentful, perhaps even vengeful. Angel's regular or fallen, trying to get back to heaven, not interested in saving little Sally from that car accident. Yeah, demented - I know. But I like it!

And I know how you feel about books you love and trying to go slow. It's so awful when they're over. I could've worn black for days after I finished Kushiel's Legacy series!

Colleen Robin, I never heard of God's Demon but it sounds good. I've added it to my "to read" list. I also really like heaven & hell war type novels but I don't know of any.

Did you ever see the movie, "the prophecy" with Christopher Walken? That was never a book, only a screen play, but I wished it was. It would have made a great book!

It seems like there are more angel fiction books coming out lately. Hopefully it will be the new craze.

There is a good reads author that wrote a book called, "one if by heaven, two if by hell" Its based on the book of Enoch. I haven't read it yet but it sounds good. The only negative thing I've heard is that its really graphic and violent.

Anyway if you stumble upon any good angel books let me know and I'll do the same.

Robin Wiley Prophecy was a great movie. God's Demon is by Wayne Barlow, who is famous for his alien drawings. He drew illustrations to go with the story, which are disturbing and cool at the same time? The Enoch take sounds interesting. Graphic and violent - that's a bad thing??

Colleen Robin wrote: "I just put this on my list! I'm excited to see your review."

Unfortunately, I didn't have as positive as an experience as you did. I wish I did. I really wanted to love this book. OH well :(

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