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Rules of Attraction by Simone Elkeles
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Apr 21, 10

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Read from April 20 to 21, 2010 — I own a copy

I liked it a lot, but I didn't fall in love with it the way I did with Perfect Chemistry. But like I said I did like it, it was a really cute story and I know I will read it again.

Reasons why I don't think I fell in love with it were for one, Carlos was just not as convincing a badboy as Alex. It seemed like Carlos was trying to put up the image of being bad, which is weird because that is exactly what Alex WAS doing in the first book. But Alex just seemed to play it off better, maybe it was because he was active in a gang. Also, Kiara's stuttering kind of bugged me. I thought it really killed the mood in some parts of the story. I felt that it weakened, the strength of Kiara's personality. She was very comfortable in her skin, but her stutter sort of ruined that. And maybe that was the point, the fact that Carlos fell in love with her despite her imperfections. But I found it really uncomfortable to read when she would stutter. That also maybe due to the fact that my nephew has a stuttering problem, so reading about her struggles with it reminds me of my nephew who actually has it way worse than she did. Reading about her insecurities with her stuttering made me feel sad for my nephew, so maybe that is why I really didn't like that aspect of the story.

Favorite Quotes:

This is after Carlos and Kiara meet. She is his peer guide, showing him around the school.

I stop when we reach a door with a male stick figure painted on it. With my thumb, I point to the door. "Servicio is bathroom... I asked where the bathroom is."

"Oh." She looks a little confused, as if not exactly knowing how to handle deviations from the schedule. "Well, I guess I'll just wait out here for you."

Time to have a little fun by screwin' with my peer guide. "Unless you want to come inside and show me around... I mean, I don't know how far you wanna take this whole peer guide thing."


This one is sort of long, involving Kiara's little brother, but I thought it was worth it.

"I'm going on a date. With Carlos."

"Are you going to French-kiss him?"

Kiara gives him a scolding look. "Brandon! That's totally not an appropriate thing to ask. Who told you about that?"

"The fourth graders on the bus."

"What did the fourth graders say it was?"

He gives her an exasperated look. "You know..."

"Tell me," she says. "Maybe I don't know..."

I have firsthand knowledge that she does know what french kissing is, but I'm not giving her secret away.

"It's when you lick the other person's tongue," he whispers.

Damn, the kid knows more than I did at his age. First he's a cyber drug dealer, now he's talking about French kissing. Kiara looks to me, but I hold my hands up. While I'd like nothing better than to French-kiss her right now, I can wait until later. "He's not my kid."

"You can get a lot of germs that way," he says as he munches away and contemplates the consequences of French kissing.

(later that evening when Carlos and Kiara are on their date)

I lean over and kiss her. "Give me your germs," I tell her,...

haha I thought that was hilarious.

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