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Shalador's Lady by Anne Bishop
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Mar 18, 10

it was amazing
Read from March 08 to 15, 2010

I was never big into the pure fantasy genre. But I made an exception for Anne Bishop who I have enjoyed reading for close to 10 years.

I really liked the prequel to this book but I LOVED this book. It builds so wonderfully on all the books that preceded it. As many other reviewers have said, there is not way to pick up this book with out having read the Trilogy, Dreams Made flesh, The invisible Ring, and the Shadow Queen (In which "Shaldor's Lady" serves as a sequel). If not for the simple history of the characters and their extenuating circumstances then for a proper appreciation of the political protocol that goes into the unique caste system that is based on genetic lottery as well as family connection, rank, Jewel, and Gender. The cast system created in these novels goes much deeper then a first glance will lead you to believe.

Originally I picked up these Shaldor books in order to get a peek at what my favorite characters in the SaDiablo family were doing but have been surprised to see how much I enjoy meeting these new characters who have their own court to form and their own history to fight for.

These books have also given Bishop a chance to show that what makes a good Queen is not necessarily the darkness of her jewel, but the strength of the court that surrounds her. She makes good use of Janelle and Cassidy to make this point which was not clear in her earlier books.


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message 1: by Gabriela (new)

Gabriela You inspire me to read the trilogy! I've had a bad run with books lately, and need a good series to pick me up from the slump...

Kathleen Hey Gabby!
Give "Daughter of the Blood" a shot. When I first read it I was a bit wierded out but intrigued and then I got completely sucked in.

One of my friends threw down the first book when she was halfway in becuase she hated it so much and another one read the whole trilogy in a month. I spent the whole series liking everyone except the main character who has only recently grown on me.

Either way- you will know in very quickly which camp you stand in. Let me know your thoughts

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