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Clay by David Almond
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Nov 19, 2007

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bookshelves: horror-monsters

Use a piece of clay as a prop for the booktalk.

Here’s a simple piece of clay. You can use it to shape things, make a bowl, an ashtray, or a sculpture. But what if you can breathe life into your creation and make it come alive?

That’s what Stephen Rose tells Davie they can do. Stephen Rose is the new kid in town. He’s kinda weird. He lives with his aunt, Crazy Mary. They call her that because she’s crazy and her name is Mary.

There are a lot of rumors and innuendos going around about Stephen. He was studying to be a priest at the seminary. Some say he was kicked out for being a bad influence on the other boys. Some whisper about black magic and Satanic rituals. Some claim that he killed his own father and drove his mother insane. Some say, other things . . . .

But Stephen tells Davie they can bring clay to life. Just pray and whisper, “Live. Live and move.”

Hold clay close to your mouth and say with intensity:

Live! Live and move!


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