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While reading this series I have seen Harry face a lot. With each book he becomes a little more beaten down, and a little harder. Through it all he's maintained his moral code. He's very firm about how far he is willing to go and what lines he can never cross.

Sometimes, an event will happen that is so viscerally important that you will be willing to do anything to fix it. Nothing matters, not yourself, not the future. Nothing except the person at the center of that event. This book is Harry's crucible. He will run the gauntlet and find out how far he is really willing to go.

This book is...epic for Harry. Everything he knows and depends on for stability seems to crumble around him. The author pulled no punches in this one. The things we have identified with Harry and looked at as part of his identity for this whole series are ruthlessly stripped from him. The author seems to leave Harry naked, with only his wits and a few friends willing to stand by him when it's important to him.

Always before, Harry gets into tough situations for someone else. He may get in a little too deep by himself, but the original situations are usually not of his making. He is always willing to help the underdog out. If it's important, even if he really doesn't like you, he'll be there. That's just the kind of guy he is. In this book it is finally a situation that Harry needs help with for himself. He's asking personal favors because this situation is personal.

As Harry searches for allies, we notice a definite split in the group of people he associates with. This is the book that shows who his real friends are. When your so-called friends turn their back on you, you only have so many options. Harry needs people on his side for this. It will be the biggest, most important fight of his life to date. If he can't find allies through his associates, he'll find them somewhere, one way or another.

It's really hard for me to talk about the sheer awesomeness of this book without giving away spoilers. While reading I was shocked. I never expected the author to do something like this. It's not just the obvious lines that Harry crosses that were so surprising. It was just the whole situation. As I saw person after person refuse to help him I got so pissed off! The people who stuck by him didn't surprise me, they'll die for Harry. It was all the others that made me so mad. They're supposed to be a unit! They're supposed to be there for each other! I hope that bridge is burned.

Even after being finished with the book for a while now, it's still so hard to imagine what's going to come next for Harry. A lot have things changed in this book and he's going to have to deal with the fall out in the next book.

By the way, Murphy really impressed me in this book. She's always been there for Harry, but she really steps up her game here. I was so glad she was there for Harry to lean on when he started to crack. I can't believe that her whole identity is a hairsbreadth from being taken too. So many changes for so many people.

One last point! I'm so impressed that Harry has finally decided that even if the situation is horrifically dangerous he won't hold back someone who wants to help him. He's grown enough to know that they're all adults and he can't shelter them all the time. He has to take help wherever he can find it. Kudos Harry!

I'm so anxious for the next book! That was a horrible cliffhanger at the end! What happened??? I need to know!
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3.0% "I just started and I'm already on the edge of my seat! I think Mac's words are an omen about this book." 2 comments
07/11/2010 page 53
12.0% "Wow, this book marks a different Harry. He knows when to back down (with a little help) and he is willing to let people help him if they want to." 2 comments
07/11/2010 page 136
31.0% "His allies are dropping like flies."
07/11/2010 page 162
37.0% ""They say you can know a man by his enemies, Dresden." He smiled, and laughter lurked beneath his next words, never quite surfacing. "You defy beings that should cow you into silence. You resist forces that are inevitable for no more reason than that you believe they should be resisted. You bow your head to neither demons nor angels, and you put yourself in harm's way to defend those who cannot defend themselves."" 1 comment
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99.0% "Oh my God, you can't end it like that! I stayed up way too late to finish this, but it was AWESOME!" 32 comments

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message 1: by AH (new) - added it

AH I really have to start reading this series. I've heard such wonderful things about it.

Catherine It is one of my favorites!

Katyana I really really really love this series. Honestly, I think it is just fabulous.

message 4: by Desperado (new)

Desperado I'm reading the first book in this series next month for a challenge! I've been putting it off for forever since I don't usually like novels with male protagonists. But I've heard so many good things about this series & so many great reviews that I just had to give it a chance.

Catherine The Harry Dresden series crosses all boundaries for me. I usually don't enjoy books with male protagonists, barely any romance, and men who feel the need to take care of women. But...Harry has made me not only enjoy those things, but like the series because of them.

I strongly recommend it and I hope you end up loving it as much as I do!

Katyana I completely agree with you, Catherine. There is nothing else on my shelf quite like the Dresden series, and I **adore** it. I am excited to hear what you think, LL!

message 7: by Desperado (new)

Desperado Likewise! I've read shorts on this series in various anthologies, ie:My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding,My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon & Strange Brew. They've always been one of the best out of the bunch. I can't wait until August gets here!

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