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Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris
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Mar 07, 2010

did not like it
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Read in March, 2010

** spoiler alert ** Once again..... I don't know WHY I read this book.... I was hoping that the Authoress would have expanded her imagination a bit and maybe improved her writing skills, but it didn't happen. I'm two into the series and I'm kinda anxious to see what happens with Erik and Sookie, so I happened to put a hold for the next 3 books at the library.... we'll see if I make it that far. These books don't take long to read.

The first book was all murder murder murder.... blah blah blah... they solved the problem and everyone moves on. The second book picks up where the first leaves off, but not without a considerable amount of lenghy recap... like anyone reading this book, being the second in the series, would need all of that?! Seriouslly.... ok, so it gets going and then BAM! a murder. Whoopdeedoo..... Then out of now where, Sookie and Bill get in a fight... again.... whoopdeedoo... However, the interesting climax to the fight was Sookie storming off into the woods alone, getting attacked by a Greek mythical creature and then Bill having to find her, take her to Erik where they and 2 other Vampires had to suck out all the poison in Sookies blood and then give her a transfusion... oh they did this to her naked...Why?

Bill seems to be addicted to sex with Sookie... because even when she is banged up and hurt,feeling human, needing sleep, ect... he doesn't seems to care (or maybe it doesn't take him too long to finish, whatever) and makes her do the deed anyway.

Sookie and Bill get loaned out to the Dallas vampires to help locate a missing "brother" while Bill is sleeping, of course, Sookie gets into trouble and having to rely on the help of a suicidal vampire and shapeshifters. This was actually a pretty good part of the book mainly because Bill wasn't involved. At the end of the Dallas ordeal, Erik is the one that is "there" for her when she is thrown out of the car... seriouslly, this guy has an obsession with Sookie that only gets all too interesting. He gets her cleaned up, doctored and then Bill comes in.... pansy... and what does he want to do after Erik leaves? yeah.... addidicted pansy.

The next night they went to a vampire party to celebrate the brother being returned, Erik was talking with Sookie on the couch, because obviouslly her injuries and health made it impossible for her to "party". So, Erik, being a gentleman, sat with her and visited, Bill was talking with another vampire lady... suddenly the house is attacked, Erik flings himself on Sookie to protect her, he takes a bullet for her, in which, after the turmoil ended she sucked out of him. Bill was no where to be found for a few minutes until he came back from chasing the humans that open fired, consequently killing a few of them. Sookie gets angry (understandably so), flies back to Shreveport alone and doesn't speak to Bill for 3 weeks afterwards. She is talking with friends when Bill gets mighty jealous goes to her house afterwards and ummm....shocker here... sexed her up a few times even though she pleaded with him to be nice, ect.... pansy.

Bill finds himself needing to go back to Dallas (you know, to get away from the obvious danger Sookie is in again) She gets invited to a party (one that she will be able to determine the killer of the murder at the beginning of the book) Oh.. this party just happens to be an orgy...(Where is the imagination folks.....? I ask you, where??) Sex, murder, Sex, couple fighting, Sex, almost murder, almost raped, sex, lust, *hmm, I think I'll throw in an orgy!*, ORGY! stupid. Yeah, sure throw in an orgy, invite Erik along to protect Sookie, throw him in a horrible outfit to show off his huge-ness and then not do a thing to describe anything. Not that I'm complaining that I didn't have to read about the sex acts going on... I'm not. But if you are going to write about an orgy, you might as well write it. This author, I've noticed has a very limited vocabulary when it comes to writing her sex scenes....basically just telling enterance, the climax and the exit... Oh and the complaining from Sookie because half the time Bill is trying to have sex with her, she's hurt. Duh.

Anyway, Erik and Sookie have some moments that maybe they shouldn't have had.... Go ahead and have them I say, Erik isn't a pansy. Bill just happens to show up the moment Sookie gets a conscience and tells Erik to get off... (if Bill would have only been there a few minutes earlier, LOL!) Anyway, the book hits another anti-climatic climax and then everything flows back to be normal....

Go ahead and red the book, but don't expect much from it. I'm guessing the HBO screen writers have done a better job with the story... guess I'll have to check it out sometime.
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message 1: by Jake (new)

Jake You summed it up really well, Amanda. I'm thinking I won't read the rest of them because it sounds like they don't get any better. I love that you call Bill a pansy. It's true! He's just supposed to be cool by the mere fact that he's the main love interest or something. Right. Charlaine Harris is a terrible writer. She makes Stephenie Meyer look like Faulkner in comparison.

Amanda You bust me up! LOL! She is horrible... it's like she doesn't even try to hide the fact that she's watched a little too many day time soaps and has had very little education. I wonder how much her editors like her. LOL! Ok, sorry, that's mean.... my big question though, is.... if Vampires are suppose to be sooooo good in bed, then why are they off doing "it" with humans and not with their own species? Honestly.... I don't get it...LOL!

Darren That was a laugh out loud review, thanks! Spot on Amanda :-)

Taji Thanks for writing out how I basically felt about this book! You summed it up *very well.* Definitely watch the show, the producers and writers there are doing a MUCH better, MUCH more interesting job with this.

Stefania Guerra And, come on, Lafayette? Dead? So happy he's still alive in the serie. Thanks for the review

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