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Pandora's Star by Peter F. Hamilton
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Mar 06, 2010

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Read in March, 2010

Decently written book, of the sci-fi reality. As far as sci-fi goes, its fairly "hard" sci, in that the technologies and actions are still within the realm of where mankind could plausibly be in a few hundred years time. This book manages to avoid the purple prose and juvenile, one dimensional characters that so often plagues sci-fi. The cook is a little verbose- together with the sequel, Judas Unchained, you're committing yourself to a good 2000pages of reading. The breadth of the story is particularly annoying early, because chapters alternate between a dozen plotlines, making only a little progress on each before jumping on to the next.

The story is about mankind, 300years in the future, as man begins to colonize the galaxy through wormhole travel. An unexplained solar phenomena across the galaxy, explainable only as the actions of a highly advanced species, intrigues the government into sending an exploratory expedition to investigate, but all may not be as it seems...

Anyways, I enjoyed the book, but wouldn't pretend its an object of high literature.

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