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Burned by P.C. Cast
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Apr 24, 10

I absolutly loved the book before this book. The only problems I had with it were that.................. 1.) Zoey and Stark didn't seem like they got enough time together which made it seem like they were growing apart. 2.) Stark and Zoey need to be together. Period. 3.) I am zo glad Heath died. He was a totally unimportant character. he just got in the way. 4.) How in the fricken world could Zoey DIE????????????? I really hope that in Burned Zoey lives and she ends up with the right person (Stark.)
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GREAT Zoe should be with Erik. I like Stark but it was stpid the way they fell in love in two minutes while stark died. Erik has always protected her and been there even when Zoe was cheating with every man under the son. People say Erik's jealous and possesive. Well i'm sorry but i was erik and Zoey had slept with the teacher...cheating on him and was now all over the other two in front of him then i'd have kicked zoe on her arse and left her long before they broke up. Team Erik!X

message 2: by Catherine (new) - added it

Catherine Purple how in the world can you say heath wasnt important i mean this book wouldnt be like this it would be boring cuz than zoey would only sleep with loren and than erick would get over it and the book would end imean saying that is like saying the author was stupid yeah he got in the way but he kept the story on its ends cuz we all thought erick was just gunna lose it and then zoey would tell heath to bug off i think heath was the best characterthere was and im sorry 4 u if u disagree

Aisha Stacey wrote: "Zoe should be with Erik. I like Stark but it was stpid the way they fell in love in two minutes while stark died. Erik has always protected her and been there even when Zoe was cheating with every ..."

I totaly agree with you. Erik didn't do anything wrong. Zoey acts like a total slut and then she's just pathetic in Burned. I'll never be sorry for her, well except for being dumb and dumping Erik he's the best guy in this book, besides Rephiam.

message 4: by Courtney (new)

Courtney I like pie

message 5: by Amy (new) - added it

Amy I like that Zoey not with Erik! go Stark

message 6: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Sullivan I agree I'm glad that heath died!!!

message 7: by Tera (new) - added it

Tera Mitchell i think heath was inportant cuz zoey grew up wit him he was her tru love n the begining so it sucks that he died. an if i was zoey i would have dumbed eric 2,i mean would u like the person u was datn all posessive an a straight up jerk. not me! i say go stark my self

Jayla stark saved zoey in burned so yup she lived

message 9: by Layla (new) - added it

Layla Love heath and zoey are meant for each other no matter how much other guys she has shell love him more ... think about it hes stood by her side during all of this crazy stuff and hes HUMAN .. he must love her to stay with her when shes getting involved with all these creatures that can kill him in a sec ... hes a true mann !!!

Brooke I think they chose the best two guys for Zoey to end up choosing between. Loren was just kind of a short-time thing, so his death didn't bother me, especially since he was a jerk to her. And Erik was never my favorite. He was too "perfect" for my taste. Heath was pretty cool, better than Erik, and I think this book brought out a lot in him you didn't realize before. I have to say, though... Stark's always been my guy. Bad boy, sarcastic, Warrior-like... definitely prefer that over Erik. It's like Superman vs. Batman: I'll always love the dark, strong-willed underdog over the guy that's perfect and all the women want (Aphrodite would not be pleased with me for that reference XD). That's just my personal preference, though. ;)

Tamara Zoey is a whore and does not deserve Heath.

Teenage Bookworms very true... amen 2 that. Zoey is a skank & heath shouldnt have died because of her. (whore)

message 13: by rashell (new) - added it

rashell my question is why does she get all the guys and doesnt appreciate them??

Thomas Reynolds zoey needs to get real and stop the hoe fest!! JUST PICK SOMEONE ALREADY!!!

message 15: by Lulubird (new) - added it

Lulubird I dunno I'm kinda glad Heath died but kinda sad as well. Ily Stark, but I dot really like Erik 4 some reason.

message 16: by Maggie (new)

Maggie Omg I just had an aneurism from everyone's bad spelling. Zoey is a brat who deserves no boy. If you're going to write a book with teenagers in it, don't make the main character look like an indecisive cock tease.

Ellin The series is awesome and Heath does come back to life(sorta) and Erik IS a total jerk. Stark is awesome I just LOVE his character but I know that stark chose the path of light but I think he's in the danger zone of falling off and back into the darker path. He already bit her really hard and not on purpose but because that was the darker side of him. I really do love stark but I'm havering a bad feeling about him...

Ellin Sorry. Having

message 19: by Victor (new) - added it

Victor Henderson Screw Erik. Just because Zo cheated on him (I'm not for cheatin btw) doesn't give Erik the right to be a posessive dick-splash

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