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Mr. Darcy Broke My Heart by Beth Pattillo
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Mar 06, 2010

did not like it
bookshelves: chick-lit
Read in September, 2010

Second in what might have been a good series about a group of ladies who guard the unpublished work of Jane Austen (The Formidables), but instead chooses to offer some lessons about Knowing Yourself and Paying Attention and Not Trying To Take Care of Everyone Else to the Point of Suffocation that come across rather mysogynistic (especially with the arrival of a guy who was clearly a pretty big jerk before, but now our heroine's supposed to realize the depth of her feelings for his sports-obsessed self). I'm supposing this is because it's published by Guideposts, but even an inspirational press should have paid attention to the implication that ladies should stop looking for love and accept the fabulous masculinity of the lazy pud who just happens to be around.

This time, our heroine is attending a JA seminar at Oxford; meets a dotty woman who has a first draft of First Impressions (the proto P&P); lies about her profession to a swoon-inducing Darcy-type; ends up vaguely in trouble with new guy, old guy, Formidables, and her ungrateful sister. Sadly, not worth reading even as paraliterature. The draft of First Impressions is quite irritating, its crapiness dismissed by one character as missing the maturity of Jane's other works - seemed to me like an excuse to add to one's book one's Alternate-Reality-P&P/JaneEyre/Juvenalia/Heyer based fan fic. I can only suggest that you avoid this book like the plague unless you have time to reread P&P and the give a good rant on Goodreads. I don't think I can face Jane after having allowed myself to read this.

In passing - and also irritating - was the insistance by many of the characters and perhaps the author that even academically-inclined people only enjoy Pride & Prejudice because of Mr. Darcy. I mean, he's fine, whatever, but I'm pretty sure we all have a love-on for Elizabeth and her point of view. Again, the Mr.D.BMY just struck me as mysogynistic through and through.

Skip it.

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